My Experience of the Mirena Coil – Two Years On

I have previously written about my experience of having the Mirena coil, both shortly after having it fitted, and a second post a year on to reflect on how I felt about it after everything settled down. I decided to write a further update as I now feel that my periods have returned to normal following the use of the norethisterone tablet to delay my period over our wedding in Santorini.

I had the coil fitted in January 2017, so I have now had it for just over two years. My mum had previously had the same coil, and had enthused over how her periods had stopped completely whilst she had the coil fitted, so I had hoped for a similar result. Unfortunately, after initially being all over the place, my periods finally settled back into something of a pattern but are very much still a part of my life.

My periods were never a huge issue for me, but they are slightly lighter than they were before I had the coil fitted, and I can imagine the coil would really help somebody who did struggle with heavy or unbearable periods. I tend to have a four week cycle, lasting around 4-5 days now, whereas before I would come on bang on the same date every month and my period would last around a week.

It is definitely so much easier not having to remember to take the pill everyday, although now that I am on medication for my anxiety, this wouldn’t really be much of an issue for me now. I also don’t feel as emotional as I have felt in the past whilst taking the pill, although it can be hard to look at this objectively when you take into account the fact that I have struggled with my anxiety over the time I have been on the coil.

In terms of the coil on a day to day basis – I honestly forget that it is there most of the time. I have always hated the idea of having the implant, as I can’t stand the idea of being able to see and feel something in my arm. The coil is very discreet, and I don’t feel it unless I make an effort to actually check it is still there. It is still possible to use tampons, and to have sex, with the coil in, and as it lasts for up to five years, once in and settled, it really can be forgotten about until it needs to be removed.

I would definitely recommend doing your research into the coil and all the alternatives before making a decision. I will not lie and say it has been smooth sailing from the start, as I really hated it to begin with, but now that everything has calmed down, I am happy with the Mirena coil, and will most likely have another refitted once this one needs to be removed, unless our situation changes in between now and then.

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