Wedding Wednesday – My Wedding Planning File 

As you may or may not know, I’ve been married before and the wedding I’m currently planning will be my second marriage. One of the things I found incredibly useful for my first wedding was the wedding file I put together with everything to do with the wedding inside. It was an invaluable tool in the lead up to the big day and when I started planning my wedding with Ed this time round, I knew a wedding file would be a good idea. 

I’ve just used a pocket file folder which you can buy from stationery shops and most supermarkets. I think it cost around £2.00 so it definitely won’t break the bank. 

To create some order inside I printed off headings and then I’ve started collating all our paperwork in the file. 

So far we mainly just have the paperwork for the wedding ceremony and reception in Greece, and the flight and accommodation booking information. I’ve also made a section for our wedding insurance, and there’s a legal section to, which is where I’ll be keeping our birth certificates, my decree absolute (to prove my first marriage is legally dissolved) and our passports ready for when we are able to register the marriage in the UK and send over the necessary paperwork to Greece next year. 

Some of the sections don’t have anything in them yet as I either haven’t started plans for that area or the details are to be finalised nearer the time by our wedding coordinator in Santorini. 

The file is brilliant for keeping everything together in one place. It’s an easy layout to flip through and find what we need quickly and it’s not too big or bulky meaning it will be easy to take with us on the plane. 

I would definitely suggest putting together your own wedding planning file, whether you are getting married in the UK or abroad. It makes the planning process a lot easier and stress free. 

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