Adapting to a Healthier Lifestyle

If you are subscribed to my YouTube channel, you may have seen my first video in several months was uploaded last week, with an introduction to my new healthier lifestyle. I then spectacularly failed at this when family visited unexpectedly and I ended up having several ‘cheat days’ in a row rather than sticking to the new plan.

I am a big believer in not beating yourself up about something like this, or dwelling on it so I enjoyed myself and the food and drink I consumed, knowing I could get back on the plan after they had gone back home. Here I am, at the start of a new week, ready to embark back onto a healthier lifestyle.

I am not going into this with the sole purpose of losing weight. I don’t believe I am classed as medically overweight based on my BMI, although I haven’t checked this in years, so I could be wrong. I also don’t tend to weigh myself much, as I prefer to judge my size on how well my clothes fit. Having said this, my clothes haven’t been fitting well for the past several months and I am finding myself feeling uncomfortable and wanting to work on my fitness levels and nutritional value of the food I am eating.

I have been feeling sluggish, bloated and generally not in the best of shape for a month or so, after a really positive start during lockdown, and I want to do something for myself, not for others. I have lost weight in the past, and toned up as well, by following a simple plan of eating healthy, smaller portions and limiting snacking, especially after 7pm, whilst allowing myself a ‘cheat’ or ‘treat’ day once a week, to avoid feeling deprived of certain food and drink entirely.

This is how I lost my baby weight after having my daughter, and it works well for me. I know it isn’t for everybody and I know the mindset of certain foods being ‘bad’ can be damaging to some people, especially those who have issues with food. I am not trained to give out health advice, I am purely sharing what I have done and plan to do again. If you are considering any kind of plan and are unsure if it will work for you, you should speak to a doctor or somebody trained in fitness and nutrition.

Fitness wise, I have been walking a lot more and I aim to workout, from home, 4-5 days a week, generally resting at the weekend (although this is when we usually go for a nice long walk, so I am still getting some exercise in). I workout for around 45 minutes to 1 hour in the morning, before having a shower and getting on with my day, and I find this really works well for me and gives me the motivation to continue making healthy choices throughout the day.

As I said, I will be having one day a week when I lift the restrictions I have put on myself, allowing myself to have whatever it is I have been craving, whether that is going for a meal out, indulging in a takeaway or having a couple of glasses of wine and a barbecue in the back garden. I know that if I don’t do this, I am more likely to cave and binge on the food I have been wanting, so it is much better for me to do it this way. I am also keeping a food and exercise diary, just jotting down what I eat throughout the day, as I do have a big issue with snacking and picking at food and not really realising how much I am eating. I also tend to snack late at night, eating chocolate, ice cream and sweets in bed, which is the worst way to do it, so I am putting a complete ban on snacks in bed to prevent this.

That’s about it really. I wanted to write a post to share what I am doing mainly to try and hold myself accountable and motivate me to keep it up. I have been trying on and off for the past few years to be healthier, to reduce the processed food I eat and to make better choices on a daily basis, so hopefully this will be the time I stick to it. It is not all about the weight loss, although I am heavier than I have been before, apart from when pregnant, it is about feeling healthier and more comfortable in my own skin.

If you have any tips, let me know. I am not into a lot of ‘health’ foods, so I am focusing on just keeping food as clean as possible, without relying on quick fixes, but I am more than happy to have support from others during this journey!

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