Gel Nails Have Cured My Nail Biting Habit

I have bitten my nails since I was a young child. I remember my mum applying a nail biting solution to try and stop me. It tasted disgusting, but it still didn’t stop me for long enough for my nails to grow. I used to bite the nails down so low that the skin around them would get infected and I would be in a lot of pain, and yet still I would bite them.

As I grew up, I wanted to have nice nails like my friends, to apply nail varnish and look more feminine, but my tiny, stubby, bitten nails would prevent me. Sometimes I tried to stop, only to start again as soon as I felt anxious or stressed out, which was quite often with lots going on as I went into my teens including the death of my beloved granddad and a rocky relationship with friends.

More recently, I managed to stop biting my actual nails for the most part, but instead I tend to bite the skin around them instead when I am feeling worked up or distracted. I hate the way my nails look when I have bitten them like this, and it got to me so much that I started budgeting to allow for me to have more regular gel manicures.

I now have a gel manicure with a lovely local lady called Jasmine once a month. It is a bit of me time, where I can practise self-care and take an hour out of my busy schedule to have a chat and be pampered, and the most important part is that having gel nails is having a hugely positive effect on my nails. When I have gel on my nails I don’t bite them, and I rarely bite the skin around them either. I finally have pretty nails, and I feel so much more feminine and confident as my nails grow and strengthen with the regular treatments.

I would recommend gel nails to anybody looking for a way to help stop biting. Although it seems like a fairly easy habit to break, I have spent years struggling, and it has only been since having regular gel manicures that I have been able to stop. For around the price of a cappuccino once a week, you can have your nails done once a month, so it isn’t that much of an investment to make for nice nails.

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