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Planning a wedding is one of the most difficult things to do, both for a man and a woman. The idea of it just sounds great, but when it comes to the actual planning of things, you can’t help but let everything get on top of you. There’s just so many things to sort, and when you start looking into them all, you can’t help but realise that there are so many things that you could choose from. So you might have had this perfect vision of the perfect wedding, but when it comes down to it all, you’re literally so confused as to what you should go with. From the food to your wedding dress, your opinion on everything will change. But the one thing you really want to make sure that you’re doing, is throwing a wedding to be in awe of. You need to make sure that you have the most perfect wedding to look back on, and we’re going to help you do that. There are a few little details that will definitely help you to be in awe of your own wedding, let alone what anyone else is thinking!


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Bright & Sparkling

If there’s one way that you can make sure everyone is in awe of your wedding, it is to make it sparkle like the night sky. The use of fairy lights at a wedding, surrounded by white or light colours, instantly creates this room to be in awe of. Hopefully, the location where you’re having your wedding reception will allow you to hang the fairy lights. These will cost next to nothing, but they will set the tone for the night. We guarantee that everyone will walk in and be in total amazement. They’re the best if you can get your reception in a barn conversion. This style of venue has become far more popular over the years, simply because it’s so cute and cosy!

Capturing Perfect Moments

There will be some perfect moments for you to capture, and we think that the photos taken at a wedding can really capture the spirit of the day. But, you need a photographer who has the vision to create such images, rather than one who is simply out to make sure that the people in the picture look good. The whole image has to look good, which means location and angle is key. Bryce Noone is just one photographer who can help you capture such beauty. You need to make sure that the photographers specialty is weddings, so they will be experts in making the special moments come to life.

The Finer Details

Then it boils down to the finer details that everyone loves. One really popular one this year has been a photobooth, and other cool props that guests can interact with. A free bar mixed in with this never goes amiss, create those memories that people are going to look back on forever. A good band is also far better than a DJ we think. Live music has the potential to get everyone up and dancing, more so than the cheesy DJ songs that always come on!

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