Getting Married? Here’s Why A Winter Wedding Makes Perfect Sense!

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Many people assume that summer is the best time to get married. After all, the weather is favourable, and it’ll put everyone in a smiley, happy mood before the day’s proceedings. But, did you know that it can also make perfect sense to get married in winter instead? If you’re trying to decide when you should tie the knot, here are a few reasons why you ought to put some serious consideration to a winter wedding:

1. Most people will be in the country

One of the downsides to getting married in a month like June or September is that the likelihood of invitees being on holiday abroad is high. But, when you get married in one of the winter months of the year, you’ll virtually have a full turnout of guests to your big day!


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If you’re thinking of a Christmas or New Year’s wedding, be sure to give your guests plenty of advance notice. That’s because they are times of the year where a lot of folks will travel abroad for their Christmas breaks.

2. It’s just as romantic as a summer wedding

Romantic weddings are often thought of as ones that take place during the warmer months of the year. The thing is, a winter wedding is just as romantic and memorable – both to the happy couple, and their guests!

Who would disagree with a romantic winter wedding being akin to a scene where everyone enjoys a hot drink around a roaring fire? It’s worth bearing in mind that you can never guarantee what the weather would be like, so if you had a summer wedding, don’t assume it will be warm and sunny.


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3. There are plenty of venues available to book

Being winter, there is usually a plethora of venues available to book through the winter season. From the picturesque setting of Woodhall Manor in Suffolk to the magical Rowton Castle in Shropshire, there’s a location to suit your tastes.

As with any wedding venue, it’s always best to book ahead and give plenty of notice. That way, you can be sure there will be availability. Plus, you could even make some significant savings in the process!

4. A snow wedding is an added bonus

Who doesn’t like the snow? Depending on when you decide to have your wedding, you could be in for a real festive treat! It goes without saying that snow provides excellent opportunities for amazing photographs.

A snowy scene can offer breathtaking photos. In fact, you will literally feel like you are having a fairytale wedding! Just remember to wrap up warm, though, especially if you end up with blizzard-like conditions at some point in the day!

5. Winter won’t seem so depressing anymore

Not everyone enjoys the winter weather. After all, outdoor activities are often postponed or cancelled due to the cold snap. And the lack of sunshine can affect some people mentally, such as with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

But, if you have a winter wedding, it’ll be a time of year that will always put a smile on your face! Once upon a time, you may have felt blue about the summer being far away. However, you can now feel happy knowing that your wedding anniversary happens during the midst of winter. Now you have something to look forward to each year!

6. Everything will be cheaper in winter

When you organise a wedding, you have to consider a variety of things like catering, the venue, flowers, photography, and so much more. There’s clearly a lot to sort out before the big day, and one thing that can add to a couple’s stress is the cost of the wedding itself.

The good news is you will find everything becomes more affordable during the winter months. That’s because most vendors will have ‘quiet times’ and are likely to reduce their prices due to the lack of demand. The sad truth is the opposite happens during the summer months of the year. So, if you are thinking of ways to cut the cost of your wedding, having it take place during winter is a brilliant example of doing so!

7. It’s easier to warm up than cool down

One final reason why it makes perfect sense to have a winter wedding is that it’s easier to heat yourself up. You can wear warm clothes, sit around by a roasting fire, and consume many a hot drink. When it’s summer, you’ll find it harder to cool down. Especially as many places won’t feel cold enough – apart from your fridge-freezer, of course!

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