Why You Should Visit Your Local Charity Shop

I must admit, I never used to ‘get’ charity shops. I wasn’t sure they were for me, and I was a bit hesitant about trying to find something which somebody else had deemed unworthy (yes, I realise how awful that sounds). Ever since I started working for a charity, however, I have realised how amazing they really are. Not only do they allow those who don’t have a lot of money shop within their budget, they also help a variety of causes, both local and national, which is a fantastic way to give back.

They are Budget-Friendly

A bit short on cash? Looking to keep costs down this month? Visiting a charity shop rather than a high street store when shopping for clothes, furniture, home decor or shoes can really help if you are on a tight budget. Charity shop prices are often incredibly low, and you can really pick up a bargain if you look. I have found designer shoes for under £20 before, and brand new kids clothes for loose change.

You are Helping Those in Need

Shopping in a charity shop helps to support that charity, raising money for whichever case they are supporting. It is a great way to donate money whilst picking up the things you need at the same time.

Say No to Fast Fashion

Constantly buying new clothes is not good for the environment. If you want to refresh your wardrobe, buying secondhand from charity shops is a way to stay sustainable.

You Can Find Hidden Gems

A charity shop is like a treasure trove, and the best part is that every time you visit, the stock will have changed. I love visiting to see what is new (although sometimes I have to stop myself from buying too much).

Do you shop in charity shops? 

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