Food & Fitness Friday – My October Fitness Plans 

I have been so awful with regards to my health and fitness since getting back from Santorini at the beginning of last month. I have been scoffing so much junk food, and being generally greedy with my food as I’ve been feeling quite anxious and under the weather. 

I have also been suffering with bad cramps in my stomach and most of the time all I want to do is crawl up in a ball and avoid moving too much. This has meant I have barely done any exercise for the past few weeks and it’s really started to take a toll. 

I feel so lethargic and just generally rubbish and I’m sure it’s down to not exercising and getting those all important endorphins. I’ve felt like I haven’t had the time to do my exercise DVD now that Benjamin is so much more active but in reality, I’ve just been avoiding it and making excuses. 

As it’s the start of a brand new month, and with our wedding reception here in the uk only a few weeks away, I thought I would make a conscious effort with my eating habits and fitness in October. I want to make healthier choices across the board and I’m hoping that by writing it down and sharing it with you all that I’ll be more inclined to stick to it. Here are my October health and fitness goals… 

Less Junk 
I’ve been awful lately whilst feeling anxious and low. I tend to ask Ed to buy snacks at the shop and then sit and eat them in bed at night, but I have also been getting bad things during the day with my mum. Not good! 

More Fruit and Vegetables 

A cliche but I really haven’t been eating as many vegetables lately and I’ve been avoiding buying as much fruit as I usually do as well because of the cost but it’s so important to eat them! 

Exercise DVD 3 Times a Week 

I was pushing myself a little too hard before the wedding and exercising up to 7 days a week. I don’t think this is necessarily healthy or attainable for me so I will be trying for 3 times a week, hopefully four. This means I get some rest days but will make a big improvement with my fitness after a break. 

Sensible Meal Choices
I’ve been really bad lately at making meals and have tended to opt for easy fixes, which aren’t always the healthiest. As much as I love sausage and mash and pasta with flat breads, they really aren’t that good for you, and I need to make an effort to cook less processed foods. I’m going to be mixing up the meal plans and adding in some healthy options 

Walking More 

This one should actually be fairly easy to do. Since Ed started his new job, I’ve actually given up the car most days in the week and so I am being forced to walk more. I always did the school run on foot as it is so close, but I have been walking further afield so that he can have the car to get to work each day, and it’s making me get some fresh air and exercise, which is great! 

Better Breakfasts 

I have been so bored lately of plain toast and butter that I’ve been naughty and had things like cheese on toast and chocolate pancakes. I want to get back to cooking in the morning and making myself things liked scrambled eggs with chorizo – yum! This also means I’m fuller for longer and won’t need a mid morning snack following the school run… 

Do you have any fitness or healthy eating goals this month? 


17 thoughts on “Food & Fitness Friday – My October Fitness Plans 

  1. It’s so great to get back on track! I just started exercising again this week and i feel so much better! I also noticed that in the past I used to force myself to exercise in the morning. But now that I do it at night, I feel much more confident that I can stick to exercise!
    I enjoyed reading this!
    Have a lovely and healthy month!❤😍❤😍❤😍

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  2. I recently moved somewhere that has a gym upstairs – I definitely need to be better about exercising regularly! Since I moved out I’ve been cooking a lot more and trying to eat healthier and I think it’s working well so far! I’ve been trying to do Kayla’s BBG program and I like it a lot!

    Cindy |

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