Food & Fitness Friday – What I Eat in a Day 

I often read posts from others where they say what exercise they do, they go over their fitness goals, but you don’t really see what it is they actually eat to get where they are. I’m by no means at the stage I want to be just yet, but I am feeling happier and healthier on a day to day basis and am starting to see results so I thought I would share a typical day in the life style food diary. 
8am – 2 Slices of Seeded Wholemeal Toast with clover plus a small glass of orange juice 

12 midday – Pint of ice cold water followed by half a carton of Covent Garden Tomato & Basil Soup with a few cherry tomatoes, some cubed cheese and a strawberry/raspberry ski yoghurt 

3.30pm – Another pint of water with strawberries and pineapple fruit salad 

5.45pm – A Pint of water and oven baked Salmon with green beans & tinned sweetcorn 

6.30pm – A couple of large spoonfuls of Mango sorbet or some small squares of Dairy Milk chocolate 

10pm – A glass of water in bed (sometimes joined by a small glass of white wine, depending on my stress levels and willpower) 

By eating smaller portions, cutting down on carbs and upping my fruit and vegetable intake as well as drinking lots of ice cold water, I’ve been feeling good about my body. Alongside regular exercise, I have been dropping the weight and toning up around my legs, tummy and hips. 

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