Beauty – A Beautiful Mother’s Day Gift 

On Sunday my eldest two children woke me up to a plate of bacon sandwiches (very much appreciated after drinking a few glasses of wine at our party the night before) and a huge gift bag filled with presents. 

I was so grateful for such a thoughtful gift (although seeing a bottle of my favourite wine made my tummy flip a little), and I was most eager to discover the products in the Ted Baker Kit for a Queen gift set. 

Inside was a body wash, spray and shimmering body soufflé along with a berry lip balm. They aren’t products I would usually purchase myself so it was nice to add some new additions to my pamper kit! 

The spray is quite strong but sweet, it’s feminine without being too young a scent, and it instantly made me think of our holiday to Majorca. 

The body wash is a similar scent and again, makes me think of sunny summer days abroad. 

The berry lip balm comes in a gorgeous container (in fact, all the product packaging is gorgeous). It’s a clear balm, which is good as berry instantly made me think of purple hues which don’t do anything for me! It’s quite a subtle berry fragrance but the balm definitely made my lips feel nice and soft. I don’t tend to use any products on my lips so this will be a nice addition. 

The soufflé is quite a dark golden shade and I worried about applying it, but it was actually just a subtle shimmer with the golden flecks catching the light and giving a gorgeous glow to my skin. Again, the fragrance was quite summery and reminded me a little of how you smell after a day in the sun with sun cream on. 

I love all four products, my favourites being the spray and soufflé. I’m going to be getting into the holiday mood using them! 

I absolutely adore the bag the products came in as well! It’s so cute, girly and perfect for spring/summer! I’ll be taking all my beauty stuff away in it when I fly to Spain with my mum and the kids at the end of May and no doubt it will also come along to Santorini with us as well! 

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