Beauty – Strong Feminine Perfumes 

I am a huge fan of perfumes. A good perfume can help affect my mood, it can bring back memories and it can make me feel sexy or sophisticated with one quick spritz.

This Christmas I received three perfumes, which I love. They are all fairly strong scents which linger, so if you prefer something subtle they might not be for you. Also, I know nothing technical about perfume so please don’t expect an in depth review of the ingredients used…

YSL – Mon Paris

This is a beautiful scent which I loved from the moment I happened upon it in Boots in the run up to Christmas. Unfortunately I had already asked my mum for Lady Million so I lusted after it, wrote blog posts including it, went to Boots solely to spray it on myself and then fortunately for my sanity, Ed surprised me with the gift set ‘from the children’ on Christmas morning and I finally had it. I tend to wear this one for special occasions or when I want to feel like I have my shit together. It’s a strong feminine scent and I love it.

Paco Rabanne – Lady Million

This has been a favourite of mine since I bought a bottle a couple of years ago on holiday. I love the strength of the scent and the fact that it lingers for longer than others. It reminds me of warm cosy jumpers and snuggling close on the sofa and it can instantly take me back to the start of my relationship with Ed. It’s a slightly woodier scent than Mon Paris but it is similar in its strength. I wear this as a more day to day fragrance but I think it would also make a good date night perfume.
Christina Aguilera
This is one of those perfumes that people ask you what you’re wearing and when you admit it’s a celebrity fragrance they can’t quiet believe it. This is really budget friendly but smells amazing and the bottle is one of my favourites with its beautiful lace detailing. I first came across this scent around 6 years ago and loved it instantly and find myself coming back to it again and again. It’s another strong fragrance and a little goes a long way. I feel my sexiest wearing this, I think it makes me feel younger and more adventurous, so I tend to keep it for date nights when I want to feel confident and attractive.

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3 thoughts on “Beauty – Strong Feminine Perfumes 

  1. Living Life Our Way

    I am the same as Lindsey, in fact if you change the name of the child I literally could have written that lol! I have Britney Spears for occasional use but often don’t bother! Katie x


  2. Amy | All Things Amy

    I love perfume, haven’t tried those you’ve mentioned but my favourites are Chanel Chance & Daisy!


  3. Nadine

    Oo I love discovering new perfumes. I’ve never tried any of these though. My favourite perfume is Catherine Malandrino. It reminds me of my wedding day!


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