Food & Fitness Friday – Faking Body Confidence on Holiday  

By the time you read this, I’ll be in Spain, almost at the end of our week away. I’ve never been very body confident, and this has definitely worsened since having the kids. 

My belly is the area I’m most self conscious about and I try to cover it up at all times, something which isn’t that easy when you’re on a beach and in the sun. I do have some swimming costumes as well but I wanted to be able to wear my bikinis like other women my age. 

Having lost the baby weight, but without the time to tone up with exercise, I decided the only thing to do was to fake body confidence. My holiday photos that I’m sure will grace my Instagram will show whether I managed it or not, but for now, here are my top tips for faking body confidence on holiday this summer… 

Aim to De-Bloat Prior to Your Trip 

I’ve written a whole post previously about how I try to minimise bloating to get my tummy looking as flat as possible before a special event. It really does help me feel a lot more confident if my belly isn’t feeling full and sluggish to start with 

Opt for Bold Colours & Prints 

Bright colours and pretty prints will distract the eye away from the areas you are least confident and make you feel loads better. I personally feel a lot sexier and ready to conquer the world when I’m wearing a nice bright print as opposed to something which washes me out. 

Fake Your Tan
Not only is fake tan much safer for you than frying yourself in the summer sun, it also makes me feel ten times more confident than when I’m pasty. Opt for a ready made tan when you hit the beach and you’re bound to feel more body confident 

Distract Yourself 

Read a book, listen to some music, drink a fabulous cocktail which you can only get away with when the temperatures nice and hot and the sun is blazing in the sky, and head into the pool or beach as much as possible. By keeping yourself occupied you’re not going to be thinking about all your insecurities, just how much fun you’re having! 

Keep Yourself Hydrated 

Alongside those gorgeous fruity alcoholic drinks, make sure you top yourself up with plenty of water. Flushing your system through is not only healthy, especially when you’re hot and sweaty, it’s also a brilliant way to keep yourself looking good in that bikini

Remember that You’re You 

You’re nobody else. You don’t need to beat yourself up because you aren’t the size of the girl on the next sun lounger. Once you accept this, you’ll have so much more confidence and so much more fun – trust me! 

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  1. Musings of a tired mummy...zzz...

    Hope you are having a fab time in Spain! I don’t plan to let my tum loose on the world ever again after 3 kids but have some nice swimsuits that cover up


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