Food & Fitness Friday – Celebrating Father’s Day with bakerdays – Review & Giveaway 

Ed is notoriously hard to buy gifts for. With his birthday only a couple of weeks away, and Father’s Day just beforehand, I was struggling for ideas of what I could get him from the children. 

Fortunately, bakerdays got in contact and offered to send us one of their signature letterbox cakes for Father’s Day. I hadn’t previously heard of bakerdays but I was sold by the concept of getting cake delivered through the post! 

As well as the letterbox cakes,
bakerdays also offer larger cake sizes and have a range of personalised cupcakes and personalised balloons available on their site. 

The kids and I had a great time searching for the perfect cake on the bakerdays website, there were plenty to choose from and something for everyone with cakes including popular characters and even the chance to add your very own photo to the cake. We eventually settled on a jokey cheese grater design as it made Cameron laugh. 

Once you’ve chosen your design you can choose your cake recipe (including fruit, chocolate, lemon and traditional sponge as well as dairy or gluten free). You can then opt for delivery on a certain date, to ensure your recipient gets their cake on time. Before checking out, you can also opt to add on extras such as foil balloons and number candles, which is a nice touch. 

The cake arrived in a secure box, which fit through the letterbox as promised. It arrived in perfect condition, as bakerdays cakes come in a protective cake tin, which was brilliant as I’ve heard many a horror story about cakes arriving smashed to pieces through other delivery methods. 

Inside the tin, the cake was in a cellophane wrapper with clear instructions on how to remove the cake safely without damaging it. In our box there were also some balloons, candles and a blowout, which the children loved. 

The cake was exactly how it looked on the website, and I was really happy with the image quality, the colours were nice and vibrant. One of the most important things when ordering a personalised item is that the message reads exactly as it is meant to and I was pleased to see that the children’s nicknames had been added correctly. 

Ed was very kind and shared his cake with us, so I can confirm that it tasted as yummy as it looked. We had opted for a chocolate sponge, and it was nice and soft. The cake was fairly small but a big enough size for us all to have small slice including Benjamin (suggested serving is for two people). The cake was slightly thinner than I imagined it would be, but I guess that’s necessary when designing cakes to fit through letterboxes and the exact dimensions are actually noted on the website when ordering. 

The cake we had is priced at £15.99 (with the chocolate chip recipe) which is more than I would ordinarily spend on a small cake, but for the convenience and novelty of a cake coming in the post I think it is worth the price. I was really pleased with the service and quality of the cakefrom bakerdays  and I will definitely be arranging some sweet treats for upcoming birthdays and special events. I know it’s something that will come in useful with my brother, his wife and their daughter living up in County Durham. 

For a chance to win your very own bakerdays cake in time for Father’s Day on 18th June, head over to Twitter to enter my giveaway!*

We were sent a letterbox cake for the purpose of a review, however all views and images are our own. 

*giveaway ends 14th June at 10am. UK entrants only. Prize must be claimed & the cake finalised by 2pm on 15th June for delivery from bakerdays in time for Father’s Day. 


12 thoughts on “Food & Fitness Friday – Celebrating Father’s Day with bakerdays – Review & Giveaway 

  1. I laughed at the quote on the cake. So handy that it comes through the letterbox, especially if you’re going to be at work or something you know then you’re not going to miss it and have to chase round the courier for it.


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