Beauty – Revlon Colorstay Foundation Review 

Like many other women, I’m on the hunt for the holy grail of foundations. I’ve not got a huge budget when it comes to makeup, so as much as I’d love the high end brands I can’t justify the cost. 

When I saw that Revlon’s Colorstay was apparently a dupe for the Ester Lauder Doublewear foundation I figured I had nothing to lose. I had picked up a sample of the doublewear at Boots previously and the hype surrounding it made me want to get on that bandwagon, if there was a way of doing so without the big price tag then even better! 

Firstly, I don’t know the doublewear well enough to actually compare it properly, I’m basing this review on the merits and downfalls of the colorstay alone. 

The foundation comes in a glass bottle with a dispenser pump inside. Although some people dislike these types, I actually like to be able to see how much product I have left before needing to buy more and a quick shake or bang on the bottle usually makes the product go a little further. 
I opted for the combination/oily skin version and the coverage is noticeably lighter than my previous foundation, the L’Oréal Infallible Total Cover. This isn’t necessarily a critique, but definitely worth noting if, like me, you tend to go for a full coverage base. 

I can build up the coverage but if I don’t, and I just put a layer on, sometimes I do see patches and if I’m going to an important event I do tend to grab for a foundation that I’m confident will cover my red patches and under eye circles. 

This is a good day to day foundation. I’ve been using it for over a month and it’s still going, although I do think it’ll need a good shake soon. I tend to apply it in the morning and again late afternoon if I’m going to be doing anything in the evening. Running around after the kids I do feel it wears off easier than I would like. 

Another thing worth noting is that the colour wasn’t a perfect match for my skintone. I did try a couple of shades and the one I went for, Natural Beige, did seem to be the best match but as time has gone on I’m not as confident, so definitely ask for assistance at the counter when colourmatching. The shade I have now is way too light for me after a week in Spain so if I do repurchase, I will need to reassess anyway. 

Overall this foundation is fairly good, especially for the mid-range price tag (it’s £12.99 at Boots), but I’ve used better, and there’s nothing huge to shout about with this product. 

The search for the perfect foundation continues! If you have any recommendations please do send them my way! 


9 thoughts on “Beauty – Revlon Colorstay Foundation Review 

  1. I must confess I VERY rarely wear make-up. What I have needs replacing too but it seems like a waste of money given how little it gets used lol!


  2. I’m a convert to BB cream so don’t wear foundation much anymore, especially as I was never sure I was getting the right shade. Great advice to check with a trained assistant


  3. I switched to natural skincare & make up a couple of years ago as most mainstream products contain synthetic ingredients that can be harmful to you, such as parabens, preservatives, silicons and even some UV filters. I love foundations by PHB Ethical Beauty, Inika, Lavera & Benecos – they’re all very affordable as well! X


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