Beauty – Hairstyles for a Holiday Abroad   

Fed up of me banging on about how I’m in Spain yet? I’ll be back soon and they’ll stop, I promise! 

When I’m at home I usually wash my hair every other day and straighten it afterwards and it’ll generally stay straight the following day. 

On holiday this all goes out the window as the humidity makes my hair spring back to wavy, and I’m in and out of the pool so often I have to wash my hair each day. 

Rather than frying it to get it constantly straight, I tend to mix things up a bit on holiday and I go for the following 4 styles.

The Au Natural 

My hair has a natural wave to it. I usually try and hide it, but when I’m on holiday I’ll embrace it and leave my hair to dry naturally. It actually makes my hair look darker than when I straighten it, don’t ask me why, and it’s so much faster to get ready after a shower too which means more time in the sun! 
The Beachside Bun

It’s way too hot by the pool or beach to have hair all in your face, plus the trips into the water are better with my hair up. I’ll pull my hair into a high bun and add sunglasses to complete the beachside barbie look (only joking, I look more like a tramp but oh well) 
The Tourist Up Do 

Generally a simple ponytail is the extent of my hair up skills when I’m at home, but when I’m abroad I try and make an effort. I’ll usually pull my hair up into a messy bun, and if I’m feeling extra fancy I’ll add in some plaits 

The Evening Look 

If I’m going for a meal, or to watch entertainment, sometimes I like to make an effort so I will bring the straighteners out but more often than not I’ll curl my hair rather than make it sleek. I’ll sometimes opt for a half up, half down look, or I’ll just go all over curled with slightly larger, looser curls to frame my face 

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