My Monthly Plans – June 

Eek, how is it already June?! Tomorrow marks 3 months until our wedding in Santorini and I am so excited but nervous at the same time as it feels like we still don’t know much about our big day. Hopefully now we are at the three months mark our wedding coordinator will be in touch with further details. 

June is a not as busy a month for us, here’s what we have planned… 

3rd – Return from Spain 
As I’m writing this prior to flying out to Spain it feels weird starting this off with our now imminent flight back home. As Ed isn’t coming with us, I’ll be looking forward to seeing him after a week away. 
10th – Girls Evening  

I love spending time with my Hilton girls but I just can’t cope with my drink on an empty stomach anymore, and may have embarrassed myself at the last girls night. I’m going to make sure I have a snack beforehand this time to avoid the same thing happening
12th – Giving Notice  

Having got married in a church last time round, I didn’t have an appointment with the registrar. This time round, although we get married abroad, we still need to register our intent to marry. I’m looking forward to this milestone as it means the wedding is very close! 

17th – Father’s Day 

A very special Father’s Day for Ed as it’s his first as a daddy. We’ve celebrated previous years as he is a brilliant step daddy to Carly and Cameron, but this year Benjamin will also be there to give daddy his card and gift. Ed always makes an effort for me on Mother’s Day so it’s only fair to return the favour as he is such a good dad 

21st – Ed’s Birthday 

Just round the corner from Father’s Day is Ed’s birthday. 
24th – Ed’s Birthday Celebrations 

Shunning a big meal or a party, this year Ed has requested his birthday present money to be spent on drinks for me and him, so I’ll be making sure I line my stomach, as he can drink me under the table. 

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