7 Things I’m Looking Forward to This Autumn

Ok, so it’s looking like a second nationwide lockdown is definitely on the cards and, I’m not gonna lie, the thought of that fills me with dread. I didn’t actually mind the first one, sure it was a bit stressful, especially homeschooling the children whilst working from home, but this time it’s autumn and autumn is a time of year I really struggle with.

I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and it means that I struggle a lot more with my mental health as the days get shorter and the weather turns gloomy. I have a love hate relationship with the season, as I actually really enjoy the colours of the leaves, autumn tv and getting cosy at home, but I can also feel very restricted by my mental health. I wanted to focus on the things I’m looking forward to this autumn, in order to remind myself of the positives this season bring.

Birthday Celebrations

Sure, celebrating birthdays may be a bit different this year. My own birthday was during the strictest lockdown restrictions, and Ed turned 40 without being able to celebrate with friends and family, but birthdays are still something to look forward to, and we have a few coming up in our family over the next couple of months including both Benjamin and Carly. I can’t wait to eat birthday cake and wrap presents, even if we can’t have everybody around that we’d like.

Long Walks

I love to go out on walks, it’s something that I actually did more of during lockdown, and I’m looking forward to heading outside and getting some much needed vitamin D, as well as being able to get out of the house and escaping for a bit, if we are in a lockdown situation. I love the colours in nature during autumn, and we are so fortunate to have some brilliant local walks to go on, as well as being a short drive from the New Forest, if restrictions allow it.

Nights In

I must admit, since I turned thirty, I have stopped enjoying nights out as much, preferring to be inside eating good food, drinking a nice glass of wine and snuggling up to watch tv in bed or on the sofa. There’s lots of tv shows that I have to watch, so I’m focusing on that feeling of being cosy and warm, safe in my little bubble, as the nights get colder.

Autumn Clothes

I feel so much more confident in skirts, jumpers and boots than I do during summer in dresses and shorts. I have been living in my leather look mini skirts and tan coloured boots lately, and I am very excited to pack away the summer wardrobe and head to the charity shops for a couple of new pieces in the coming weeks.


Halloween might not be about the trick or treating or the big parties this year, but I’m still looking forward to getting spooky with the kids, dressing up and having a celebration with them at home. I’m hopeful that the pumpkin patches will be open, and we can go and pick out a couple to carve. Our street usually does a big gathering and, whilst that won’t necessarily be possible, hopefully we can still celebrate from our doorsteps with the neighbours this year.

Christmas Prep

Sorry, not sorry, I’m a big fan of Christmas. I start to get excited around this time of year and I really enjoy getting presents for people, wrapping them and generally getting excited for the festive season. Yes, it will be a bit different this year, but the sentiment is still there, and I’m holding on to that, as something to look forward to.

Moving House

Finally, if everything goes to plan, we should be moving into our new house this autumn. It’s very exciting, but quite nerve wracking too, so I’m trying to see what happens and not stress too much about a moving in date for now. If it happens, it will be amazing, and we can start making it our own before Christmas, but if not, it’s not too big a deal.

What are you looking forward to this autumn?

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