Beauty – The Ugly Face of Beauty 

I had planned to write a post about my ongoing hunt for the best foundation. It was going to fairly lighthearted, but something happened last week which I wanted to write about, that I felt was important to bring to light. 

If you read my post last week you’ll know that the Revlon Colorstay had left a lot to be desired and I didn’t think it was the right foundation for me. Well, the member of staff on the Estée Lauder counter at my local Boots had the same opinion as she made very clear when I visited the store on Friday. 

I had gone in to ask for a sample of the doublewear foundation as I’m fairly tanned from our trip to Spain at the moment and as we marry in Santorini I wanted a foundation for the wedding which would suit my tanned complexion when I’m out there. I asked the member of staff for said sample and she started telling me, in no uncertain terms just what she thought of my current foundation, stating I looked ‘awful’ and it was one of the worst colour matches she had ever seen. She then proceeded to state that she ‘couldn’t let (me) walk around like that’, got out a tissue and started rubbing my foundation with it.

I was completely shell shocked and muttered something about not being happy with the colour myself before heading away from the counter. I couldn’t believe what had happened and neither could my mum, who had been with me at the time. 

I ended up heading over to the no7 counter where I spoke with a lovely member of staff there who was shocked at what had happened and went about colour matching me for their stay perfect foundation, at my request, which boosted my confidence back up. 

I’m still really upset and shocked at what happened but what concerns me most is I honestly don’t think this woman thought she was doing anything wrong. I truly believe she thought she was doing me a good deed by informing my that I had bad makeup and that upsets me even more, that we now live in a society where it’s totally accepted to criticise and pull down other women about their appearance. 

Had I been wearing no makeup at all, would she have been as quick to criticise me, to point out my flaws? I don’t think so. So why is it ok behaviour to slate how I chose to make my face up that morning? 

Maybe I’m overreacting, I’m sure some people will think that, but ultimately this woman’s throwaway comments, which she probably forgot about soon after, dented my already frail self esteem and made me doubt myself more than I was already. I am not confident with my looks, and having somebody pretty much gasp in horror at my face has made me incredibly sensitive. 

I’m so grateful for the completely different attitude of the lady at the no7 counter who helped make me feel comfortable and confident wearing her makeup. She didn’t know it but her kind words and actions really made a big difference that day. 

Ultimately this has taught me that we need to consider the effect our words might have on others, even if said from a positive place, as you never know how it might affect someone. Makeup is a very personal thing, and to criticise or insult another on the way they wear theirs is simply not acceptable. 


8 thoughts on “Beauty – The Ugly Face of Beauty 

  1. How terrible for you, lucky there was another member of staff there who had a modicum of compassion. It is nice that she wanted to help but did it in completely the wrong way. Words are powerful, use them wisely.


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