Product Review: Arbonne Seasource Detox Spa – Sea Mud Face & Body Mask 

I am not down with the kids on natural beauty, as I mentioned in a previous post. Arbonne is another company who specialise in natural beauty products and the only reason I know about them is because a friend is a consultant. I have used this face and body mask (admittingly just as a face mask as I can’t quite get myself to lather this onto my body) a couple of times now and really like how it makes my skin feel. 

After using it, my skin is soft and feels like I’ve really pampered it. During using it, I love how my skin tingles as, to me, that shows it’s working its magic. This product is fairly expensive, in my opinion, but it does feel like it will last a long time as you only need a small amount for your face (I would imagine it would go quicker if you did use it for your body as well). 

Apologies for the awful selfie. I don’t think anyone looks good when wearing a face mask… 


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