Food & Fitness Friday – Foods that Make me Feel Good Inside 

Ok, I know I haven’t stopped banging on about The Goddess Revolution ever since I got it for Christmas, but still, it’s blooming amazing and has totally changed the way I feel about food, so I’ll bang on about it a little longer… 

One of the messages in the book is to find foods that make you feel good inside and out. I’ve really tried to tune into my body when I’ve been eating lately and I definitely know that things like pizza and crisps, not surprisingly, make my body feel sluggish and a bit poop. 

So I’ve been trying to find foods that make me feel good, so that I can eat more of them. The main ones so far are: green beans, carrots, strawberries, pineapple, simple salads such as egg, tomatoes and lettuce, strawberry and raspberry yoghurts, salmon, piri piri chicken, seeded bread, chicken salad rolls, small squares of green and blacks dark mint chocolate, steak and stir fry veg. 

It may be obvious that the above foods would make me feel good, but it’s been something of a revelation to me and since I’ve stopped feeling like I’m restricting myself, and instead focusing on eating lots of the things that make me feel good, I’ve not only been losing the weight I was attempting to, I’ve been feeling a lot more body confident, energised and focused. 

I’m not totally there yet but I’m definitely closer to body confidence than before! 

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