Food & Fitness Friday – The 10 Minute Workout DVD that I Swear By

I’ve been really trying to make more of an effort with my fitness over the past couple of weeks, having fallen into very bad habits since Christmas.

Although I don’t feel like I need or want to lose a huge amount of weight, I would like to tone up, feel healthier and more confident, especially for our honeymoon in a few weeks time.

I’ve been using some of my old exercise DVDs that I bought back when I was a student, and as I’ve received a few messages now about them after posting on Instagram stories, I thought I would do a quick post to talk through which ones I have, and how I use them to maximise my results.

Basically, these DVDs are made up of five 10 minute workouts, which are all based around a general theme. For example, the body bootcamp workout DVD is based on military style training in order to get results fast. It is one of the higher impact DVDs, and fantastic if, like me, you are aiming to trim down in a short period of time and want to see results quickly.

There are also DVDs which focus on one area of your body, e.g. your abs, or butt. As I am self conscious about both of these areas, I have been using these DVDs on rotation, so that I target the areas I am specifically concerned about.

I have never had an issue with my arms, they seem to stay fairly lean and toned no matter what I do, so I tend to avoid workouts aimed at this area of the body.

That’s what is brilliant about this range of workouts, you can pick and choose the right combination to work for you. You aren’t even just limited to the one DVD, there is nothing stopping you using a workout from one disc, and moving onto another one.

These workouts are excellent for those of us who are busy, and can’t necessarily afford the time for a long, arduous exercise regime. I was using the Charlotte Crosby workout when I was getting in shape for Santorini, but now I have more work to do during the day, I just can’t justify spending over an hour on my workout.

These DVDs give you the option to just do a quick 10 minute burst, or build them up to create a longer routine. I tend to stick to 3 or 4 of the workouts at a time. This gives me a long enough session to feel I have worked up a sweat, without taking too much time from my busy schedule.

Within two weeks, I already feel so much more confident. Although I haven’t seen huge results, I definitely feel like I am doing some good for my body, I feel fitter, and after working out each day, I feel more motivated in all aspects of my life.

These workout DVDs are available online, and are pretty reasonably priced, meaning you can build your collection like I have without breaking the bank.

This isn’t a collaborative post, I just wanted to share the workout DVD love.

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