Wedding Wednesday – Things I’ve Realised Since Planning my own Wedding 

Working in the wedding industry, I’ve obviously had experience of all things wedding prior to planning my own wedding. However, it isn’t until you start plans yourself that certain things become clear. I thought I would share some of the things I’ve noticed since booking our wedding with you… 

You Find Out Who Your Friends Are 

I think this one has been more pronounced for us because we are getting married abroad. We understand that for some people, no matter how much they want to come, they can’t afford to, but sometimes it’s just that they don’t consider your wedding their priority, and that can really hurt. It comes up with UK weddings too. If you invite somebody to your special day and they decide not to come it can sting, but ultimately it shows you who is a true friend. 
You Realise What’s Important to You 
When planning a wedding, unless you have an unlimited budget and can afford to have whatever you want, you need to compromise between yourselves on what you consider most important for your day. For Ed and I we decided that the stunning backdrop of Santorini was more important than having all the bells and whistles that come with weddings these days. Rather than book a U.K. Venue and spend our on canapés and chair covers, we decided to put the budget to an intimate Greek wedding overlooking the Caldera. Some people prioritise food, others photography, it’s about deciding what’s more important to you as a couple. 

You Discover a Love for Details 

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but I do find that the little personal touches really shine through when wedding planning. I loved our invites as they were a passport style and included a photo of us from our engagement shoot. Our guests loved them too. I have a few little touches planned for our guests when they are out there. As we are going so far to get married I want to show each and every guest how much we appreciate them being there with us on our special day. 
You Become Obsessed with Finding The One 
I am not a big spender usually. I find it incredibly hard to spend money on myself and even if I have a special occasion, I tend to bargain hunt when looking for an outfit. I think your wedding day is a total exception. Although I know I could find a dress out there for £100 or even less, I don’t necessarily want to spend that. My mum has very kindly offered to put money towards my dress and I’m incredibly grateful. I’m looking forward to going dress shopping and searching for that one special dress that will make me feel absolutely incredible. I won’t shop above my means but I also won’t be looking for the cheapest dress I can find. After all, if you can’t spoil yourself for your wedding, when can you? 
You Feel Like Giving Up and Eloping 
Sometimes wedding planning can totally get on top of you and it can all seem too much (especially when your friends and family are not coming along). Ed and I have toyed with the idea of just flying out to Vegas alone instead but ultimately that isn’t what we want. Our wedding will be incredible, even without those who can’t make it. Wedding planning can be stressful. When it gets too much, take a step back and everything will seem more manageable after time away from plans. 
You Obsess over Pinterest 
Pinterest is basically porn for people planning weddings (or house decorating, Christmas, birthday parties, anything at all – if you aren’t on there get on there now!). I love pinning stuff to our wedding planning board and getting inspiration and ideas for the day. I honestly don’t know how I coped without it in my life! 

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