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Apologies if all I ever seem to post about is pregnancy but it does tend to take over your life a little. In the last few weeks, as my due date approached (and passed), I’ve been clinging on to anything that has had the power to make me feel a little bit more ‘me’, a little bit less whale. In case there’s anyone else out there suffering in silence (or moaning on at your nearest and dearest), I thought I would share my pre baby pampering… 


Having highlights mean my roots tend to show through after a few months. By the end of August mine looked awful and I needed them done. Having my hair coloured, cut and blow dried was such a nice experience when I was heavily pregnant, and I would definitely recommend a trip to the hairdressers as a pre baby treat. 

I’m not usually a bath fan. In fact I hate them. I am much more of a quick jump in the shower girl. I also don’t like Lush, so I won’t be swayed by a pretty coloured bath bomb… However, when in late pregnancy, I can totally get on board with relaxing in the bath. I do think I need a decent bath pillow though as I always end up feeling like I’m about to slip my head down and if I don’t want to get my hair wet this leaves me on edge. Over the past few days I’ve been bathing in Clary Sage oil, which is meant to help encourage labour to start. It’s not been working in that sense, however, I have found it relaxing and love how soft and smooth I feel when I come out of the bath (that’ll be the extra virgin olive oil I’ve been adding as a carrier oil for the clary sage). 


I cannot recommend this enough in late pregnancy. I couldn’t reach my toes from around 35 weeks and they began to look absolutely awful. I treated myself to a shellac pedicure at 37 weeks and now my feet look all pretty (if a little bigger than I would like). Shellac is great, especially on toes as it doesn’t chip or fade away for quite some time, so I should still have pretty nails for labour, even if baby keeps us waiting another week… 

Pregnancy Massage 

You may have read that I had a pregnancy massage done with Charmaine. This was brilliant at relaxing me and helping me to unwind, safe in the knowledge that Charmaine knew what she was doing. I would definitely recommend a professional pregnancy massage if you’re feeling stressed or just want a bit of me time before baby arrives.


I will admit, my main reason behind my reflexology session at 39 weeks was to get labour going (it helped with my daughter so I kind of thought it would be the thing to get it all going this time round too). Unfortunately it didn’t have the desired effect, although who knows it may have helped pave the way for an easier birth at least. Regardless, it was so lovely to switch off and fully relax. I was so relaxed that I fell into a dreamlike trance, not quite awake or asleep. Afterwards I felt totally stress free and like I was walking on a cloud. I would definitely recommend it, although if you are looking to start labour, maybe wait until you’re overdue to give it a better chance of kick starting something. 

Fake Tan

I’ve mentioned this before, but I swear nothing can pick me up or make me feel more human than a bit of fake tan… Unfortunately as I’m planning a home water birth I’m wary of putting any on in case I go into labour and then fill the birth pool with brown muckiness (although maybe I should apply it and it’ll be Sod’s law that labour will then start, worth a try?). Everything looks better bronzed, even my huge belly and bum! 

Paint Your Nails 

I am still clinging onto my shellac manicure I had at 37 weeks, but unlike toenails, fingernails do tend to grow quicker and so I really should admit defeat and remove it. When I finally do, I’ll definitely be painting my nails. Unlike my feet, I can still reach my nails even at this late stage in pregnancy, and having pretty fingers makes me feel a tiny bit better about how the rest of me looks… 

Regular Moisturising

I try and moisturise after each shower (I have one in the morning and one before getting into my PJs). I’m hoping this will help the stretch marks I already have from pregnancy one and two not get any worse during these last days of pregnancy three. If nothing else, it helps distract me from things by smelling all fresh and pampered. 

Making the Effort 
It can feel pointless to do my makeup at this stage of things, when I’m already feeling rubbish and huge, but it does genuinely make me feel a bit better when I’ve washed and styled my hair, put on my makeup and dressed in something other than an oversized T-shirt. A pretty pink lip and smokey eye can do wonders. 

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