Wedding Wednesday – 6 Months to Go! 

So last Thursday marked the 6 months to go point for us for our wedding in Santorini and with it came a bit of fear. 

Getting married abroad for me has meant having to let go of the reins a little, and I don’t like it! I’m a planner by nature. My job is wedding coordinator here in the UK and it just doesn’t feel right to not be planning every part of our own big day. 

I make no secret of the fact that this is my second marriage, and for the first I was a total control freak. I planned everything down to the very last detail, and I was able to set everything up the night before at the venue, and feel totally in charge. 

This time round, apart from choosing where we stay during our week in Santorini, I haven’t actually been able to plan much at all. Most things are included in our package, which is brilliant, but it means I don’t get a say in much. 

I have so far requested a naked cake (at an additional charge of £50) as I don’t like the kind of cakes they include in the package, but other than that I haven’t planned much about our wedding in Greece. 

Apparently a few months beforehand the venue’s coordinator will be in touch to arrange the menu and go over final details, but for me that would be something that would be done by this stage, so I feel a bit like it’s all a dream at the moment. 

As I’ve felt such a lack of control for our Greek wedding, I’ve ended up going all out a bit more than I originally planned for our uk reception. We now have a chocolate fountain, a dj, a photo booth and I’m working on a brownie tower instead of a cake… 

One of the things I can plan for Greece is the outfits, but the fact I had Benjamin only 4 months ago has meant I’ve pushed back dress shopping until the middle of this month, which doesn’t leave me very long to find and buy my dress. 

After I have my outfit sorted we can work on getting things for the bridesmaids, flower girls and the men. 

Although there’s not much I can do planning wise, there’s a more complicated legal side to getting married abroad and it all seems very rushed. We can’t apply for our certificate of non impediment until 3 months before we get married, and yet after we are provided that (which can take up to a month), we then have to send everything off to be stamped before sending everything over to Greece (argh!). 

The other thing I didn’t realise originally is the Greek court will keep the original copies of our birth certificates and my decree absolute, and they’ll only provide us with a marriage certificate in Greek, which means we then have to have it translated afterwards. 

Still, I’m majorly exited for our wedding now it’s less than six months away. In between now and then I’ve got my hen weekend, a trip to Spain with the kids and my mum to look forward to, as well as finding my dress, so I’m sure the time is going to fly by now. 

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  1. Kirsty Dee

    Eeeekkk how scary, but also super exciting 🙂


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