Wedding Wednesday – Our Santorini Wedding – 3 Weeks to Go

How is it only just over three weeks until our wedding day? I know it’s a cliche but time has been absolutely zooming on by of late. I think the summer holidays being just before we fly out to Santorini has made the last couple of months go by in a whirlwind as I’ve been travelling up and down the UK with the children fitting in trips to see family and little mini breaks to keep them occupied whilst school is out. 

Last week we had another issue with our wedding and travel company when a friend’s baby wasn’t on their booking and had to be added last minute and there were then issues regarding our allocated seating on the plane. It all got a bit too much again but this time I just decided to lie back (in a lovely Lush bubble bath) and relax with a glass of wine and let them sort it out for us (as we are paying them to do). 

At the weekend Ed and I went into town and he bought me my wedding jewellery. It wasn’t that easy as he has no idea what my dress is like! We also picked up some aftershave for him to wear for the wedding, and when we got back home I finished putting together the little activity packs I’ve made for the children. 

My excitement has definitely increased in the last couple of weeks as we get closer to flying out. I’ve been making a few more last minute purchases during the night feed, the latest one being Mr and Mrs T-shirts for the morning after the wedding. They are personalised with our surname and the wedding date and only cost £16 for the two including postage from eBay, which I didn’t think was too bad. 

Next week I’m planning on doing a dummy run with the suitcases, packing everything in and weighing them to check we aren’t going over and can physically get everything for the wedding in with our clothes and other holiday items. 

We set up our wedding gift list last week, as well as our wedding website, and it’s been nice to have guests messaging to share their excitement for the day. 

This week I’ve been away for a few days with my mum and the children so I’m looking forward to chilling at home for a couple of weeks now and my next update will be the week before we fly! 

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