Mummy Mondays – The Ultimate Insult Generator – A Review 

Well here we are, entering week three of the school summer holidays and surviving *just*. Keeping the children occupied wouldn’t be so difficult if the weather would just play ball, but this is Britain and after a week of mostly rain, I have lost all faith in making plans for outside. 

Fortunately the children love reading and drawing, both activities which can be happily carried out inside where it’s dry and warm (yes, not content with the rain, it’s also gone decidedly chilly of late). 

The lovely team at Laurence King Publishing recently sent us another brilliant new release – The Ultimate Insult Generator by Mike Barfield. Suitable for ages 6 plus, Cameron was in his element with this collection of jibes. He absolutely loves the fact that mummy has allowed him to insult not just his brother and sister but us as well! 

As you would imagine with a book aimed at children, the insults are fairly tame and don’t include any curse words (although it would be worth a flick through in case there did happen to be any that aren’t allowed in the household, we are fairly laid back).

Split into flippable sections, the insult generator provides hours of fun with a huge variety of different combinations of digs to amuse the family. Cameron’s favourite so far has been “Your Mum often dreams about a pickled gherkin and has a strange fear of Justin Bieber“. 

The book is hardcover and extremely bright (making it hard to misplace). Cameron loves that it’s orange – his favourite colour! Although Carly is a bit young for this one, she sat and listened to Cameron reeling off insults at the weekend during a rare sunny spell in the garden. 

They both found it hilarious when he declared that “The person you will marry has hair like an elephant’s undies and is allergic to hairdressers” (my kids are weird!). 

Priced at £9.99 and available from the Laurence King website this would be the perfect addition to a summer garden party or wedding reception to keep the younger guests entertained. It’s also brilliant at keeping kids occupied during long journeys (we’ll be taking it along on the plane to Santorini) and for during that hour before bedtime when all hell seems to break loose! 

Laurence King sent a copy of the book to us for the purpose of this review, however all thoughts and photos are our own. 

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8 thoughts on “Mummy Mondays – The Ultimate Insult Generator – A Review 

  1. Kirsty Dee

    ah this sounds like such a fun book for them x


  2. Elizabeth

    What a fantastic book! I’ve always envied those who can churn out cracking insults – I’ll have to get a copy of this! 🙂


  3. fredsbox1

    OMG this is absolutely fabulous! Fred would find this so funny, thanks for reviewing I am off to buy one right now!


  4. Alex Donnelly

    Look at their wee faces! Looks like they had a real laugh with it!


  5. Kelly Peters

    Sounds like a great book! Love the pics of them enjoying it


  6. SusanneRemic

    Oh I love this! My son would find this hilarious! One for the birthday list I think 🙂


  7. Colette B

    I like the idea of the flippable sections and the fact it encourages reading and playing with words – though I’m not sure the idea of playing with insults sits that comfortably with me.


  8. @JaxFortyNorth - Mummy's Little Monkey

    My girls would find this book absolutely hilarious (I actually found the elephant’s undies hair quite funny too) 😉 x


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