An Engagement That’s Steeped In Tradition

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No matter how forward-thinking you perceive yourself to be, when it comes to some of the more meaningful things in life, you’ll fall back on tradition. Why? Well, it’s very simple. Traditions have something that we all yearn for. They span over the centuries. Effectively, they are things that are kept alive throughout hundreds if not thousands of years. They are in a sense, immortal; something that human beings wish they were. When we take a look at the engagement and wedding processes, we see that tradition is highly intoxicating. It’s romantic, beautiful and has incredible meaning. All of these things are why traditional engagements are chosen to start the ball rolling towards holy matrimony.

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Dressing for the occasion

Going on a formal date to pop the question is the traditional way of doing things. It’s a night that you will never ever forget. Despite the wedding and the honeymoon making it ‘official’. One day you will look back on the engagement day as the true moment when your new life began. Thus, planning for a high-end fancy restaurant engagement is something you’ll want to take seriously. The restaurant should be a traditional restaurant, a place that is also steeped in history. High-end restaurants with many years of service and offering exquisite cuisine will have a dress code. This gives you the perfect opportunity to dress for the occasion. The man should be in a formal three-piece suit, while the lady should be in an evening gown. High-end accessories are called for the occasion, such as cufflinks, pocket watch and lapel pin for the gentleman and, earrings, jewelry headband, bracelets and necklace for the lady.


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A glint with meaning

The engagement ring isn’t going to compare to the wedding ring, but it too must have a glint that has meaning. In other words, the style of Engagement Ring you choose should be one that merges traditional craftsmanship with personal meaning in your life. Since 1923 Charles Rose has been making some of the most beautiful engagement rings for those with a boutique taste. Speak with this brand to create your own ring so you can incorporate something about your lady or husband. Perhaps they love the ocean, so a blue gemstone is more attractive. Perhaps your lady comes from the countryside, flowers can be indented into the metal. If you’re interested to know what kinds of designs your ring can have, speak with the brand as it offers a personalized service.

A place to remember

Who says you need to propose inside the restaurant where everybody will be watching? That kind of stuff only happens in the movies. In real life, asking someone to marry you is a deeply personal question. Pick a place where it will be just the two of you and get on one knee there. It will also throw your partner off as they too might expect you to hide the ring in the cake in a rather cliche manner.

The place where you pop the question will be held in high regard by the pair of you as you grow old together. Dress in formal clothing so your engagement starts off in a more traditional manner. 

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