Monday Musings – Going Overdue 

So here’s a little secret, I’ve scheduled this post (and the posts for the rest of this week) so I’m writing this post pre-empting that I’ll go overdue. I’m writing it on Saturday morning, lying in bed at 39 weeks plus 4 days… In fact, by the time this post goes live I will still not even be overdue as I’m due on Tuesday… but oh well, you get the point. 

Happy – on my last day at work at 39 weeks I was sure baby would come the next day…. I was wrong!

At 39 weeks and 6 days, I’m as good as overdue, and I figured I would write a little rambling post on how that feels. Aren’t you looking forward to next week when I’ll have hopefully had the bany and I won’t centre all my posts around pregnancy (they’ll be all around a newborn instead, yay)? 
So anyway, pregnancy as you know is supposedly 9 months, but in actual fact, it’s more like 10 months. And even though you’re given this date early on when you have your first midwife or doctors appointment, which is then confirmed or slightly altered at your 12 week scan, everyone knows deep down that baby doesn’t get served an eviction notice on this date. There isn’t some magical hormone that releases on the date you’re due which makes baby come out (although how amazing would that be?!). Your due date is just a guide, something to work from. It isn’t set in stone. 

And yet for almost every woman, it does become that elusive date you expect something to have happened by. So when it comes and nothing happens, and it goes and still nothing happens, you can be left feeling fairly frustrated and fed up. This being my third pregnancy, I’ve kind of gotten used to it by now, but it still sucks a little. 

I think the worst thing this time round is I was so sure baby would arrive when I finished work. I left going on my maternity leave right up to the last minute at 39 weeks exactly, and that evening I had a session of reflexology. I figured the work stress going and the relaxing foot massage would be a sure thing at getting labour going, so much so that I told anyone and everyone I knew or saw around that time that I would be having my baby the very next day. 

So when last Wednesday came and went without so much as a bloody show (don’t google it if you’re eating), I was fairly disheartened, and that was still 6 days pre due date… 

Since then I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’ll likely be overdue again (Cameron was 8 days late and Carly was 4 days, so I figure this one will be at least a couple of days late as well). I’m mostly ok with it. It doesn’t make it easy when everyone you know a) expects baby to have already come because you told them he would last week and b) if they didn’t believe you they still expect baby to come because it’s their due date and they’re meant to be coming now… You will get people asking if baby has come yet, or if you have had any signs and you will get pissed off and feel like punching everyone who asks… 

The other thing is that at this stage of things you are feeling so heavy and uncomfortable that you can’t even enjoy the time you now have off work. You don’t feel like doing much, and if you’re like me, you can’t even lie down for a rest without having acid reflux, so you’re kind of in this limbo, just waiting, and waiting for any signs that baby might finally be coming.. and if your pregnancy is anything like mine this time round, you’ll have signs that say it is only to have it lead nowhere (I’ve been in what feels like early labour for weeks now, with painful cramping and twinges that never make it into a proper rhythm). 

So yeah, going overdue is not fun. But at least as you reach your due date, you know you won’t have much longer to wait (generally it is suggested you are induced anywhere between 7 and 14 days overdue depending on where you live in the country). 

I do hope baby boy decides to come in the next few days though as I won’t get my home birth if I need to be induced. My bets are on Wednesday evening, when the new series of Big Bang Theory starts, simply because I went into labour with Carly when an earlier series started and when I saw this series was starting Wednesday night I took it as a sign. 

So yes, my guess is baby arriving early hours of Thursday morning, at 2 days overdue… let’s see if I’m right (bearing in mind I have already got one wrong guess under my belt this pregnancy)…. 

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