August Plans 

My Twitter feed this morning has been full of disbelief at it already being August. It does feel that the year so far has gone by in the blink of an eye to be honest. Before you know it will be Christmas (yay!). But there’s something that will come before that, and his name is baby salad… August’s plans are mostly based around said baby with plenty of scans, midwife appointments and antenatal sessions keeping me busy for the remainder of summer… 

1st August – Chest Scan 

If you follow me on social media you may have seen me banging on about my hospital scare on Friday. Basically, I’ve been finding it difficult to breathe with a weight on my chest since Thursday lunchtime and, when my bloods came back as negative for anaemia after my midwife appointment, I thought I best go to my doctor. He then sent me straight down to the hospital where I was given an ECG, had more bloods taken and was given a chest x ray to rule out several things that could have been causing my breathlessness. Unfortunately, when they all came back negative, it left a blood clot on the lung as the possible option. I couldn’t have a scan booked in until after the weekend, so I was sent away with injections for Ed to give me at home to thin my blood until it could be confirmed either way. The scan will be sometime this morning (I’m ‘on call’ at the moment) and I’m terrified. 

1st August – In Real Life Launch 

Another (much happier) thing happening today is the launch of a new YouTube collaborative channel that I’m a part of. It aims to bring lesser known youtubers together with a mix of different video genres sure to interest everyone. The official launch is at 8pm this evening, so make sure you are following us on Twitter and subscribe to the channel on YouTube

5th August – Dad’s Visit 
My dad lives in Essex and I don’t see him very much so it’s always nice when he comes down to Bournemouth for a weekend. We will be going out for a meal and catching up. 

7th August – Mini Break to Devon 

I’ve booked a couple of days off work and my mum and I are taking the children away to the Devon/Cornwall border for a few days. It will be nice to get away and relax for a bit.

14th August – 4D Scan 

A few days after we get back from our break away, it’s our 4D scan of baby salad. I’m really excited as Carly’s scan was such an amazing experience and really showed what she would look like when she came out. 

17th August – Midwife Appointment  

A routine midwife appointment. I’m planning to go shopping for Cameron’s school things for year 1 (arghh, can’t believe I’ll have a child in year one!) afterwards.  

18th-21st August – Bournemouth Air Festival 

I actually don’t like the air festival (from the point of view of somebody who works in the town centre, in a hotel, and basically has to struggle into work and then struggle to leave work through the crowds and road closures). Ed does though, so when I’m not working, I’m guessing I’ll be joining him in the crowds to see the many displays gracing the Bournemouth sky. 

21st August – Antenatal Class 

Although it’s my third baby, it’s Ed’s first and I want him to have some preparation for what’s about to happen. It’s also a good chance to meet other parents in the area at similar stages of pregnancy. I met my mummy friends at an antenatal class when I was pregnant with Carly. 

28th August – Week off Work 

Using up my annual leave before maternity leave starts, I’ve booked some time off work at the end of the month, which will help me get sorted for Cameron’s return to school (especially as the school have put two inset days in before term starts). 

30th August – Growth Scan #2

Our second growth scan, which technically should have been at 32 weeks, will be at 33 weeks to coincide with my week off work. I’m hoping baby will have continued growing well so my plans for home birth will still be given the go ahead. 

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