My Budget ‘Bullet’ Journal

So if you watch my YouTube videos, you may have already seen me discussing my latest purchase – a pretty notebook, which I have turned into my very own budget version of the very popular bullet journal. 

Saving for the wedding, I don’t have the spare money to buy myself a proper bullet journal, and, although I know this isn’t a ‘proper’ one, it still does exactly what I need it to, and came to a grand total of £1.50 (£5.50 if you count the pretty little coloured pens I also bought to write with and decorate the pages).  

I’ve yet to ‘deface’ the front cover, but I think I’ll be putting my name or blog name in the label type area. 

My first page is dedicated to quotes about life which resonate with me. I love a good quote and I hope that having these greet me when I open my journal will help lift my mood and keep me motivated. 

My second page shows me all the things I love and that make me happy, reminding me to smile even on my lowest days.


I’ve put in a calendar for the remainder of 2016 and 2017 so I can keep track of all the important dates like birthdays and special events. 

Following this, I have a page showing things to remember for each month, followed by a page per month so that I can add in more detail on all the things coming up. 

My blog post pages will be a way to plan, schedule and document my posts. With pregnancy and then baby brain, this will stop me posting the same thing more than once if nothing else! 

I’ve also done the same for YouTube videos. I hope to build my channel up more in the coming months, and to post a lot more content, so this should help me. 

I don’t really have many posts that are sponsored or work with brands too much currently, but this is something that may happen more in future so I thought a section on these posts would also be a good idea.

I don’t really follow my stats too much, but it will be interesting to see if these are affected when I go on maternity leave in October and have more time to post etc. 

With depression, my emotions can be very up and down. Keeping track of them and the triggers behind the different emotions will hopefully help me cope and treat my illness effectively. 

Finally, I have put the last section as a track of my healthy eating and fitness. I won’t be using this just yet until the baby has arrived, although I may note the weeks I attend antenatal yoga. It is more for a food diary and track of my fitness and weight loss after birth, in the months leading up to the wedding next September. 

If you would like to watch my video of my budget journal, take a look here

Do you have a bullet journal or something similar? What’s in yours?  

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