5 Things I Do as a Social Media Manager

As well as working on my blog, I also earn money working freelance as a social media manager. Sometimes I get asked what this involves, as it mostly looks like I’m just attached to my iPhone 24/7. I thought I’d share some of the things I have been doing over the past few months working on social media for a local PR company.
Run Facebook, Instagram & Twitter Accounts
Probably the most obvious one, but one of the main things I am responsible for is running the company’s social media accounts. As I’ve been working specifically on one event of theirs, I’ve been in charge of setting up the Instagram account from scratch, and taking over the role of admin on the Facebook and Twitter pages. I simultaneously run accounts for my own blog, the Bournemouth Bloggers and the company account, and both Instagram and Twitter have very user friendly functions on their apps to easily switch between the three seamlessly.
Create Content
As well as running the social media pages, I have also been required to create the content, which involves sourcing or taking photos, creating collages and putting everything together on Canva either on my phone or laptop. I have been given quite a bit of free reign when it came to my recent role, but I’m always happy to work to a brief where necessary, and it’s been interesting learning on the job to a certain extent. Insights on the social media platforms are fantastic for showing me which content worked better than others, allowing me to build on this in future. I really enjoyed branding the event, and loved how the Instagram feed looked as the event came closer.
Send out Emails
Part of my job role involved emailing traders and bands who were attending the event, to ask for images I could use for social media content, or to confirm details. There was also a heavy amount of communication involved via email and WhatsApp between my manager and the rest of the team, myself included. I needed to balance my schedule to accommodate both the social media work and the admin side of the role, whilst keeping to the hours I was asked to work each week.
Attend Meetings & Events
My job role has been mainly remote, and I’ve been able to work from home most of the time, however I have also been required to attend office meetings at times to provide updates, and discuss plans going forward. I also recently attended the event itself, and worked fairly long days on my feet, covering the event across social media.
Take Photographs & Video
At the event I was required to take an extensive amount of photos. I spread my time out between updating the social media pages, and filming and shooting content for this. I filmed a couple of Instagram live stories, and plenty of clips of the live music sets, the crowds, and the food and drink stands. I actually really enjoy taking photos, and I’ve received some lovely feedback about both the photos I took, and the amount of social media coverage over the weekend for the event too.

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2 thoughts on “5 Things I Do as a Social Media Manager

  1. Dawn

    I have experienced working as a freelance social media manager but I didn’t have as much work as you do. I was never able to attend the events because I live in a different country as my employer.
    Would you say your experience in blogging helps your job, or the other way around?


    1. emma_lou

      I think blogging has definitely helped, especially as it involves so much social media work itself. I have just finished the previous freelance social media role but am going into another temporary one at the end of this month 🙂


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