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You may have noticed by now, I love taking photos. My camera roll and laptop are filled to the brim with snaps I’ve taken either for my blog or during family days out and holidays with the kids. However, I am awful at actually printing out my photos and having them physically in my hands to look at as time goes by. So, when Cheerz offered to send over some of their items for me to review, I figured it was definitely a sign!

We got married in Santorini nearly a year ago so I thought it was high time to get our professional wedding photos printed off, and what better way to organise them than in a photo book?

Cheerz have a huge range of options when it comes to creating your photo book. Not only can you choose between soft and hard cover, but you can even opt for premium ‘lay flat’ books, which I love as they allow you to really show off the image at a 180 degree angle.

For our wedding album, I decided on the premium landscape photo book, with a lilac spine. We didn’t have a huge amount of photos taken professionally at the wedding, but those we did have were so picturesque, with the stunning backdrop of the caldera, I wanted to showcase this as best as possible.

As it is our first wedding anniversary at the start of September, I figured I may as well make it into a nice gift for Ed (especially as the first anniversary gift is traditionally paper), so I opted to upgrade to include a gift box too.

I also went for a separate photo book for Benjamin’s first birthday shoot images, which I still hadn’t gotten round to doing anything with. For this one, I went for the slightly smaller little square premium photo book.

With this album, I only had a few photos I wanted included, but the photo book has to have a minimum of 13 photos, so I ended up doubling up the images, but mixing up how I was displaying them with both lay flat and normal pages. I really like how the end product looks and think Benjamin will enjoy looking back on the photos as he gets older.

Designing the photo books was really simple, although I was a little concerned that there might be empty ‘insert text here’ style boxes on some of the pages where I hadn’t had anything to write as a caption. I needn’t of worried though, and the team at Cheerz were more than happy to put my mind at rest when I messaged them to check there wouldn’t be an issue with it.

Delivery was quick, and I was seriously impressed with the packaging, branding and quality of the items when they arrived. The photos were so clear, and looked amazing in the photo books I had designed on the website. I also loved the attention to detail and little additional touches that were included in my order.

I also loved the extra Polaroid style prints that I had ordered alongside the photo books. These retro prints are priced from 21 pence per shot for 20 8x10cm prints, with the option to add additional prints and discounts when you order over 100 prints – they are so cute!

They’d be perfect to send out as an alternative to thank you cards after a wedding, or just to print and keep those holiday snaps you always mean to print off and never get round to. I think I’m going to put together a scrapbook with these ones in, to go alongside our wedding photo book.

I was really impressed with the ease of using the website and quality of the products from Cheerz, and I will be using them again next time I need a photo book or have some images to print off.

As well as photo books and printing, Cheerz also offer canvases, calendars, fridge magnets and photo boxes. If you would like to give them a go, my readers can use discount code ‘20ANGELS’ to receive 20% off your order, valid until 17th August (not valid on gift cards).

I was provided with the products featured in this post for the purpose of this review, however all images and opinions are my own.

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  1. Robin @ Cheerz

    That is a beautiful post! So many nice detailed pictures. Thanks a lot for sharing <3


    1. emma_lou

      No worries, really happy with how they came out!


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