Pregnancy Diary – 26 Weeks 

So yesterday marked 14 weeks to go, and although that doesn’t actually sound that far away, I think I’ve reached the stage where things are dragging a bit. 

It doesn’t help that I’ve planned to go on maternity leave as late as possible (just 7 days before my due date), which I was fine about but lately work has gotten more and more stressful and it’s making me doubt my decision. 

I’ve also been trying to sort out maternity allowance since last Wednesday and hopefully I’ll be posting the forms today and that will be that. It’s been a lot of chasing around to get all the information they require. 

I know I shouldn’t be wishing my life away, but it is hard not to when I’ve been looking in my diary so much this week. Next week I go on holiday from work for a week and at the end of that we have my first growth scan. 

I then have the 4D scan two weeks after that and then before you know it, it’ll be September which has a lot of events for our family, and there’ll be hardly any time left before the baby is due. So yes, things are dragging but then I think the time will fly by very soon. 

In the nature of wishing time away, yesterday I also started looking into Christmas plans, pinning some gorgeous Christmassy things on Pinterest, and getting excited for baby’s first Christmas! 

Other than counting down the days, weeks and months, the past two weeks have seen my getting a little concerned about the size of my bump, as I feel it’s not growing that much anymore. I’ve been assured that subsequent baby bumps can grow quickly to start with and then settle down, but with all the extra growth scans scheduled, it is concerning me a bit. As much as I didn’t like being told I was huge by strangers, I am missing it a bit now as I feel others agree with me that I’m not that big now for 6 months pregnant.. 

It’s nice to be able to say 6 months pregnant when people ask, rather x amount of weeks. Even though that means there’s still 3 months left, it feels like a good chunk has gone by now. 

I’ve finalised details for the venue for my baby shower, and paid the deposit. It’s not until a few weeks before my due date, but it’s going to be fun. Hopefully baby doesn’t end up coming early, making me miss it! 

Baby has been wriggling away lots lately. Last night he was so active, I think he must have enjoyed us watching Don’t Tell the Bride – The Vegas Episode (I can’t help but cringe every time I watch it, how could one man mess up so much?!). 

The children have felt him moving around as well now, and they are so excited to meet their baby brother. Carly is still adamant she will be on dirty nappy duty, although I think she may change her mind when she smells one! 

Cravings wise I now love orange and mango juice but the rest of my cravings have died down. When I was feeling poorly the other day Ed brought me a damp flannel and I did think maybe my unusual craving for that smell would come back for a third pregnancy, but it doesn’t seem to have yet… 

It’s exciting to think that by the next pregnancy update, I’ll have had my first growth scan and be only 12 weeks away from meeting baby ‘salad’! 

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