Carly Turns 3 

I feel like I’ve been telling people Carly’s almost or nearly three for ages now. She has a brilliant vocabulary for her age and such a strong character. Everyone always says how hilarious she is, especially at nursery where she is apparently the boss, despite being one of the younger children there. 

As Carly had been with me in Paris for the weekend (where we were originally spending 3 days in Disney until the awful attacks caused the parks to close), her dad had her overnight Sunday so I didn’t actually see her on her birthday until after work. She spent the day at Marwell Zoo and had an amazing time. 

As I finished work at 6pm it was a manic rush to get back home, get changed and prepare the birthday tea for 6.30! It was a very small event, just close family and my neighbour and friend Kirsty and her two children. 

 Carly opened her presents and we had some yummy party food whilst listening to some music and before I knew it, it was bedtime and Carly was fast asleep in her bed after a tiring day. After all, it’s not every day you turn a whole year older… 

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