Why I’m Planning Our Next Disney Trip 

Since Disneyland Paris infamously shut its gates last Saturday as part of the three day mourning for Paris, I’ve seen so many people commenting on their Facebook page saying they were too scared to go on their planned trips there, and they would be cancelling. Those who are still planning on going are saying how worried they are for their trip. 

This saddens me. We were in Disneyland on Friday 13th, just hours before the awful attacks in Paris. We were due to be back in the park Saturday and Sunday and would have gone, had the park not been closed. 

Disneyland has always been my ‘happy place’, somewhere I could go to get away from the stressful aspects of life. Somewhere I can embrace my inner child. Somewhere that is totally utterly magical. My favourite time of year to go is when we were there this year, just before Christmas when the magic steps up a gear. 
I am so pleased we got a few hours in the park on Friday before it all happened. I loved being there with the kids, making happy memories. That’s why I am already looking into returning next November to finish our Disneyland trip and get my magic fix before Christmas 2016. 

I hope that people are able to enjoy their time in Disneyland. I totally understand their worries but I also hope that people can be assured that security in and around the parks will be higher than ever now. When we were there at the weekend there were armed police and soldiers ensuring our safety, and enhanced security checks on the entrances. 

We need to not let the terrorists win. They want us to be fearful, they want to break us. I won’t let them ruin this magical place for me or my family. We will return and we will continue to enjoy the magic of Disney. 

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