Thoughts and Prayers from Disneyland Paris 

I was originally planning this post to be written on my return to the UK following a lovely family weekend in Disneyland Paris including at least half a dozen selfies by our favourite rides. Instead, I am currently in our hotel room, just outside of Disneyland, approximately 40 minutes from central Paris where we have been most of today following the terror attacks in Paris last night. 

To say we are scared would be an understatement, although the main emotions are shock and sadness for those in central Paris who have lost their lives, had their lives changed forever and witnessed the terrible attacks first hand. 

Tomorrow we are due to fly home. Today has been spent trying to make the most of the situation we have found ourselves in to celebrate my mum’s birthday (the reason for our trip). Carly also turns 3 on Monday so it was due to be a double celebration. 


Outside Disneyland today
Although understandably the Disney parks were closed today, Disney village remained open so we ventured out briefly for a birthday meal and some shopping for Christmas gifts. It was surreal. With the country on high alert the area around the park was heavy with police, sniffer dogs and uniformed soldiers. To be honest I felt safer at Disney village than I do at the hotel with no security in place. 

It’s strange to be reading/watching the news when we are so close. Tomorrow is going to be a scary time but I will just be glad to arrive safely back in England. Ed hasn’t come on the trip so has been waiting for us to arrive back home. I am so grateful that my brother, sister and I didn’t decide on drinking in central Paris last night instead of the hotel bar. Of course we are disappointed to have had our Disney experience cut short but ultimately we are happy to be alive, together and hopefully back home very soon. 

My mum’s birthday is today so we tried to keep the disney magic up

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