Monday Musings – Decluttering Our House

With a new baby on the way and a house move imminent, I’ve been meaning to start sorting out our belongings for a long time.

Watching my friend Kirsty’s YouTube video on minimalism last week gave me the push I needed to get started (if you haven’t watched Kirsty’s videos yet, make sure you take a look as they’re totally motivating!). 

On my day off on Wednesday I think my nesting instinct really kicked in as I managed to sort the kids toys, our laundry room and most of our bedroom out before Ed got home from work and then I did the bathroom and kitchen cupboards whilst he made a start on dinner! 

I still need to sort the children’s clothes and make way for their Autumn/winter wardrobe, and my wardrobe is a total mess where I’ve just chucked all the clothes I can’t wear during pregnancy to the back, but I’ve definitely made a good start. 

I’m a self confessed hoarder, but once I get going I can be ruthless and throw loads away. I filled one big bag up with half used and out of date beauty products which have been building up over the last few years, making it through house moves and life changes alike. 

My aim is to have everything sorted and less cluttered by September so that the baby is born into a fresh and tidy environment. 

Do you hoard stuff? Are you good at decluttering? 

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