Monday Musings – Feeling Hot. Hot. Hot

It. Is. So. Hot!!
Yes, I know I’m stating the obvious and I should be grateful as the weather so far this summer has been completely awful… 

However, it’s hard to feel happy about the glorious sunshine and high temperatures when a) you work in a windowless basement office right next to the sea but unable to appreciate any view of it and b) you’re 6 months pregnant, resemble a whale and find it hard to cope with temperatures above body temperature… 

Last night I felt so uncomfortable and couldn’t sleep. My already crazy weird dreams became even worse and I woke up feeling shattered. This afternoon doing the school run I felt like I was actually melting and all I want to do now is strip off naked and jump in a pool of water…

I do admit that it was nice to enjoy a meal outside in my mum’s garden yesterday, but that was as it started to cool down a little and a breeze was there… I can’t handle driving or walking around in the heat. 


I promise next summer I will be grateful for sunshine, but right now I’m afraid I’m almost wishing to have the rain back just so that I can stop feeling like a sweaty mess -(Don’t attack me please!) 

Pregnancy + heat = not fun!! 

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