Monday Musings – Why Ed Deserves a Medal 

Anyone who knows me really well will know I am not an easy person to live with. 

I’m a typical Taurean, totally stubborn and stuck in my ways. I also let anything and everything get to me. I worry about things to worry about. I exhaust myself. 

It takes a special person to take all of this on and love me despite all this. And the above is me normally. Add pregnancy into the mix and seriously, I’m like a nuclear bomb waiting to go off at all times… 

Pregnancy with depression isn’t fun. It’s actually really horrible. But I’m managing, just about, to cope for these last weeks with Ed’s help and support. Without him I’m not sure how I would carry on. 

We had building work started on our roof several weeks ago, back at the start of September, and this was meant to have been finished a couple of weeks ago, until the builders discovered another job that desperately needed doing and so now we are holding out hope for them to finish this week… When I found this out, at 37 weeks pregnant, I went a little mental. I had a *bit* of a breakdown. Ed patiently and calmly waited for the storm to pass. He did all he could to calm me down (not easy). 

In general Ed is always there for me when I need him, whether it’s bringing me a raspberry leaf tea before he heads out to the gym, cooking the dinner even after a long day at work or letting me lie in. 

Ed makes things more bearable. He doesn’t need to be asked to do anything, but if I do ask him to do something else he will do it without question. When I’m having a low period he is there for me 100%. When I’m shutting him out because of my illness he’s still there, coaxing me out of my shell, helping me open up to him and cry it out. 

When this baby of ours decides he is ready to come out in the next week or so I know he will be amazing during labour because he’s my rock, my anchor. Men often don’t get given enough credit for all they do. 

More often than not women focus on their flaws and this is what comes out during girls nights. So I’m sorry if this post has caused you to puke into your cornflakes, but I figured my man deserved the praise, especially as I’m bound to be even more unbearable if this pregnancy goes overdue as the last two have…. 

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  1. kirstydee

    Awww this is what love is ☺♥
    PS I worked out how to comment, go me hahaha!


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