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I have a confession to make. I joined the gym. Me, the girl who once quoted the Friend’s line – “I want to quit the gym”, after a brief membership back in Uni. The girl who swore never again. I blame the wedding. I have been quite content with my happy relationship weight gain over the last year but the thought of embarking on the wedding dress hunt whilst my tummy is ‘ever so slightly’ less toned than I would want it to be has forced me into a pair of lycra leggings and a sports bra.

less toned
Self-Conscious and untoned on our holiday to Majorca this September, just before joining the gym

I joined 3 weeks ago with my sister (thankfully as I wouldn’t have made it through one session without moral support) and so far we have tried, and survived, two Spinning classes and an Ashtanga Yoga class (which if I’m honest was the most odd 50 minutes of my life). We have also gone swimming, which is definitely the easiest way to feel good about yourself at the gym, and the most satisfying when followed with a half hour gossip in the Jacuzzi.

This week I have booked another Spinning session and will be trying Metafit for the very first time- wish me luck! I’m also trying to persuade my sister that we should totally sign up for another Spinning session on Friday evening, two spin sessions in one week, hello newly toned tummy!

pinterest toned
My end goal….

I aim to keep to my healthy toned body plan by regularly blogging about my results so watch this space.. The end result had better see me looking like a cross between Megan Fox and Jennifer Aniston or I will be demanding my money back!

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