Pregnancy Diary – 30 Weeks 

So I’ve finally reached the big 3-0 which in pregnancy terms means that I’m almost into single figures (of weeks left, but still, it’s a long way since we found out at 3 weeks pregnant!).

I’m writing this whilst still away in Devon with the kids and my mum. We’re coming home tomorrow after a lovely few days away. I thought I was levelling out in size nowbut whilst we’ve been away I’ve had a few surprised people who thought I was due from the size of my bump and told me to rest up! 

Cravings wise I haven’t had any strong ones really other than chocolate chip muffins (and the damp towel, but sadly that had to stay at home and I fear Ed has washed it in my absence). 

We have our 4D private scan booked for this Sunday and I’m so excited to take a look at what our baby boy looks like in there. Carly’s was so lifelike so I’m crossing my fingers that this baby will play ball for the scan and not cover his face as he has done for all our previous scans at the hospital! 

I’ve definitely been finding work harder now, mainly because I’m so tired all the time, but also because I get out of breath walking up stairs. Doing show rounds are no longer that easy! 

After my health scare last week I’ve been trying to rest as much as possible in my spare time. My mum is taking the kids away next week so I’ll be slotting in lots of sleep in the afternoons after I get home from work whilst they’re not around. 

I’m planning to get back into going to pregnancy yoga classes at my gym this week or next. I stopped going mainly because I felt self conscious as I was looking so much bigger than others at my stage of pregnancy. I do want to go back though as it was so relaxing and helped me connect with the baby. 

I have my next midwife appointment next week and I’m excited to be getting closer to the birth. I’ll be writing my birth plan and getting everything prepared in the next few weeks as technically the baby could come in as little as 6 weeks – eek! 

I’m also hoping to fit in a little shopping trip for not only the baby but Cameron and Carly too, once the Autumn clothes start coming into the shops (if anyone knows when this is due to happen, let me know!). 

With just 10 weeks left to go, I’m also planning ahead to the things I want to get finished before the baby arrives. I’ll be booking for my highlights and a pregnancy massage for mid-September and finalising the baby shower plans for the end of that month too. 

It’s all coming around quite quickly now! 

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