Pregnancy Diary – 22 weeks 

So as I mentioned in another post, we had another scan last week to check with a specialist consultant that all looked OK with the baby’s heart as Ed had a hole in his heart at birth. Luckily everything seemed fine and we got a very lengthy in depth scan showing us our baby boy (the sex was confirmed for a second time) and even going briefly into 3D where we saw that he will not put his arms down from his face! Ed was ecstatic when it looked like baby was already learning a boxing stance inside the womb! 

My cravings seem to have calmed down a bit. The only two that remain at present are my new love of McDonald pineapple and mango smoothies and raw tomatoes, I can’t get enough of them! 


Ed felt the baby move for the first time last week, which was amazing. We can also see the baby kick sometimes, which is making me excited for when we can see him move across my belly later on, when you can even distinguish a little foot. 

The growth scans don’t start until 28 weeks so I’ve got 6 weeks until we see baby again, but I know that after that point things will fairly quickly especially with so many scans scheduled. 

I’ve been keeping myself occupied by planning the baby shower. I’m considering having it in a venue this time round rather than keeping to tradition and using my mum’s house. I love baby showers and I’ve already got a Pinterest board full of inspiration. 


Ive calmed down on buying clothes for the baby now. Not just because I don’t really have the money, but also because the shops are filled with summery outfits at the moment, and with the baby due in mid October it makes more sense to wait and kit him out in warmer clothes nearer the time. 

I’ve been feeling very tired again the past couple of weeks. I often go up to bed earlier than I used to and I’ve even found myself getting sleepy by mid afternoon. 

Dressing my bump is getting increasingly hard. I still don’t fit into my new look maternity jeans that are a size 10 and when I wear jeans I force myself into my size 8 non maternity ones with a hair tie, but they’re starting to look pretty ridiculous. I went for my reunion meal on Monday night and spent around an hour just trying to find anything that wouldn’t make me look like a frumpy whale. In the end I opted for top to toe black and got asked if I had come straight from work. 

I wish I could afford a maternity wardrobe but it’s just not my priority with the wedding and baby to save for. Fingers crossed for a good summer where I can live in floaty dresses…. 

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