My Healthy Work Salad

One of the main reasons I struggle with healthy eating is working in an office. I find it easy to get tempted by cakes and chocolate on offer if I don’t have something to fill me up at lunchtime. I have started bringing in homemade salads for my lunches and they fill me up without being unhealthy. Unlike some salads, I don’t feel like I’m starving myself or that I’m eating rabbit food. The salads are high in protein because of the tuna, and I’ve packed quite a lot in so it keeps me full until dinner time. Plus, making a homemade salad is so much cheaper than opting for something shop bought. Ed was so impressed I’ve started making him one for work as well. 

If you would like to try this simple but satisfying salad, I’ve complied a step by step photo recipe below… Enjoy! 

P.S if you have any other simple but satisfying salads so I can mix things up a little please let me know!    


One thought on “My Healthy Work Salad

  1. Nice. I pretty much have salad every day. Not that it shows.

    It’s quite nice to stick some sunflower seeds and raisins in now and again. Capers are also tasty.


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