So a few weeks ago I did my first Piyo class and I haven’t looked back. Before I joined the gym I hadn’t heard of the class before, and I was a little confused of what it was and what to expect when I finally managed to book onto the class (it’s extremely popular). 

The name suggests a mix of Pilates and Yoga, but in fact I feel it’s a lot more Pilates based and if I had to describe the class I would say it was Pilates to a beat. Compared to Pilates, which I found to be a calm class full of toning stretches, it’s more fast paced, to a beat with stretches mixed in with dance moves and some really good toning moves. 

I am a total convert. After just three classes I already feel a difference in my legs and stomach. If I could only lay off the chocolate I am sure I would see even better results. My favourite move involves side lunges, with a close second being a move which involves spinning around from front to back when on all fours and then arching your back. It sounds complicated and it is a little, but it feels effective and is pretty impressive when showing your fiancé some of your new moves! 

I always rate how good a class is for me by how sweaty I am when I come out of the gym and Piyo doesn’t disappoint. I would definitely recommend trying a class as I had no idea about it before and now I love it. It’s my new Tuesday gym routine! 

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  1. amandaturner612

    PiYo is amazing! I only have it at home- I would love to try a live class!


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