Mummy & Cameron Weekend

So this weekend my mum was away on holiday, Carly was away with her dad, and Ed was on a course which meant I got to spend some quality one on one time with Cameron.


Due to a, hopefully no longer ongoing, issue with Argos and a home delivery order I made last week, we didn’t have as much fun on Saturday as I originally planned. We went shopping where Cameron got a Rubicks cube (which is meant to be 8+ and even for my clever son, he’s never going to be able to do this, I can’t even do it!) and I finished off some Christmas shopping.


In the afternoon we went to a Halloween party for children at Aruba by Bournemouth pier but Cameron, being incredibly shy, refused to take part with the other children so we ended up leaving early. We had some photos taken in a passport booth, which is not as fun as a photo booth as you only get one pose (and our other ‘funny’ ones were really good!)


In the evening we went to Pizza Hut with my sister, brother and my dad who had made a surprise trip down from Essex for the weekend.

Today I made up for the not so fun Saturday with a morning trip bowling, Ed joined us before his course, and Cameron managed to beat us both! We followed this up with the arcades before Cameron and I went to the cinema to see Hotel Transylvania 2, where we had large hot dogs for lunch.


This afternoon my mum got back so we spent the early evening over her house. It’s been a lovely chance to spend some time with my son, even if he is at an age where he sees an advert and wants the item instantly.

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