My Sister, My Best Friend

Yeah, I know, *puke*… #sorrynotsorry. The thing is, as sad as it may sound to some, I have lost a lot of friends over the past 5 years. I mean a LOT. With some we naturally drifted apart, with others there was a steady decline and with some I am plain better off without them in my life. Having the children when I was still quite young alienated me a bit from others my age.

My sister is seven years younger than me and if I am being totally, hand on heart honest, when we were younger I found her totally annoying. It was just an awkward age gap. There I was aged 14, thinking about boys and struggling with all the important issues that come with being a teenager like spots and periods – eurgh. Megan was this little seven year old who just didn’t get me at all. I didn’t appreciate having a sister, especially one I only saw at the weekend who I had nothing in common with. Fast forward ten years and we were the right age to get along finally.


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Over the past few years I can honestly say I have had no better friend than my sister. She has been there for me through thick and thin, through the dark days and the happy moments. She is an amazing aunt to Cameron and Carly and she is the perfect partner in crime. She’s my gym buddy, keeping me pedalling during yet another Spinning session which feels like it may kill me; she’s my shopping trip partner, being completely and utterly truthful about whether something looks hot or belongs in the bin. She is the person I can kick back and watch girly films with, the person I trust to punch me in a boxing class without actually hurting me or judging my girly technique. She has stuck by my side when others have not. She is truly my best friend.

When I got engaged, she was the first person I called after my parents, and there was no question as to who was going to be my maid of honour. I trust her completely to be there by my side in Santorini, holding up my dress whilst I pee, ensuring my glass of Prosecco is always topped up, and making a speech filled with just the right level of honesty to keep my modesty…

I may not have a lot of friends these days, but I don’t care as I have my little sidekick (even if I am a little jealous that she can get away with wearing crop tops and her boobs are bigger than mine)!

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