It’s Beginning to Look a [little] Like Christmas…

Disclaimer: this is an old picture, my tree is not up just yet…

OK, OK… It is still technically October and yes, we still have Halloween to go before Christmas. I am a self confessed Christmas fanatic but even I usually try and show some self constraint until after Carly’s birthday mid-November as I have her presents and party to organise.

This year I have managed to already buy the majority of her gifts and she isn’t having a party as we will be spending the weekend before in Disneyland (which I may be more excited about than the kids). This, paired with the fact that the Christmas aisles in shops are becoming increasingly tempting, has weakened my resolve. Seeing a friend on Facebook today admit to not just having started her Christmas shopping, but having finished it, has made my mind up. I will be researching and planning over the next couple of weeks, ready for an assault on the shops by the start of November.

Having made this momentous decision, I am currently celebrating by listening to the Home Alone soundtrack whilst blogging, yay, go me, I am THE coolest.

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