Date Night Subscription Box Review 

As soon as I heard about the latest subscription box ‘Date Night’, I knew it was something I would love. Ed and I are so busy, even more so now we have the two children and newborn baby Benjamin. We try and make time for date nights as often as we can but they are few and far between. 

I love the concept behind this subscription box. As with most boxes of this nature, it comes once a month, which in itself prompts you to make the time for one another, but it also comes with everything prepared and ready for your night so you don’t have to spend any additional time getting things beforehand. Once you get your box you are ready to dive in. 

I was lucky enough to be sent November’s box to review. Communication beforehand was brilliant, and they made sure to check I was able to drink as they knew I had recently had the baby. I was informed my box was on its way and when it arrived, all wrapped up safely with fragile labels on it, I was not disappointed. 

The date night box is beautiful. It’s a big black box with the date night logo embossed on it and when we opened it up, we were met with a lovely personalised note for us along with all the instructions for our perfect date night. Each box is themed and this one was the Chocolate Heaven themed box – perfect for us as we love chocolate! 

The instructions were really thorough, leading us through the night smoothly and giving little hints, tips and fun facts along the way. The card the instructions are printed on is lovely and thick – it may not seem important but little touches like this really make the whole experience. There was even a cute little cardboard logo print saying Netflix and Chocolate, which I love!

The night started with instructions to play the Chocolate Heaven playlist on Spotify, a sultry mix of songs which were perfect to have playing in the background as the soundtrack for our evening. The first activity involved attempting to get a large Chocolate button down your face into your mouth without any hands, which was harder than it sounds and really helped us loosen up and start enjoying our date night. Ed managed it just about but my Chocolate button would not budge, I must have an oily forehead! 

Next up was a challenge with chopsticks, which unfortunately meant Ed won again as I have no clue how to use chopsticks. We had another laugh, mainly at my expense, as I desperately tried to put the buttons in the bowl one by one with the chopsticks. 

The next activity was the Lick ‘n Sip, which involved melting the Chocolate and coating our glasses (not supplied) before pouring in the mini bottle of Prosecco (so yummy). We were then encouraged to sip the sparkling wine and lick the melted chocolate whilst asking each other the supplied questions which included ‘be honest, how much chocolate do you eat each week’ (too much!) and ‘what would you like to do with each other that you haven’t done before?’ 

It was nice to just sit and talk, with some chocolate and bubbly and I physically felt myself relaxing and enjoying myself. Unless we have made a proper effort to go out, our date night often involves putting a film on Sky and both sitting on our phones half watching it. This encouraged us to actually interact and enjoy each other’s company again, which is so important in our technology/social media obsessed modern world. 

The next step was a chocolate tasting challenge, for which we were supplied with special mats, score cards and a collection of wrapped colour coded chocolates to taste one by one. We had great fun trying to guess the flavours, although I hardly got any right (apart from mint, my favourite). 

The last items in the box were two hot Chocolate stirrers, complete with yummy chocolate and marshmallows. I don’t like hot drinks but Ed enjoyed his and it ended the evening perfectly. 

The chocolate used for the boxes was delicious, so rich and velvety and obviously of a high quality. The Prosecco was really nice as well, and I’ve sampled my fair amount of Prosecco in my time! 

The subscription boxes are priced at £39.95 per month, which I would say is justified by how much you get in the box and the time and effort it clearly takes to put them together. 

I would definitely recommend this box to anyone looking to enjoy date nights with their partner where perhaps the effort has slipped slightly or you find it hard to find time for quality time together for whatever reason. These boxes definitely help bring you together as a couple and encourage you to put down the phones and properly enjoy each other’s company. I’m excited to see what will be in the next box! To learn more or to order your very own box for December, click here

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7 thoughts on “Date Night Subscription Box Review 

  1. Kirsty Dee

    This is really cool, not heard on it before ☺


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  3. Living Life Our Way

    I have heard of these before but never read anything about them or seen them until now- they seem so much fun! Glad you had a good date night! Katie xx


  4. thesmallestofthings2016

    This looks like so much fun and something we could definitely benefit from with two young children!


  5. Lindsey

    These look great and love a good subscrption box, I love that they have one perfect for date nights too.



  6. MummytoDex

    this sounds like so much fun. Like you, when we have date night, we sit on our phones and half watch TV. Not exactly romantic!


  7. Amy | All Things Amy

    I love this and what a great idea! It’s hard to make time for one another once you have kids so this a fab way to do it – especially as you don’t need to leave the house. Great review!


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