Remember, Remember the 5th November… 

So yesterday my sister asked if I wanted to go with her to my nan’s to watch the fireworks over Poole quay for bonfire night tonight. As my nan happens to live in a totally amazing, I’m not jealous at all, flat with views across the quay, therefore providing the most comfy and warm viewpoint for the fireworks, I of course agreed. 

What made things a little more stressful was that we had already booked to go to insanity at the gym for 7pm, all the way across town, so a quick car journey was required to ensure we caught the firework display which started at 8. I swear the run from the car park to the lift up to my nan’s had me more out of breath than the class did (so unfit)! 

I am a firework display fan. I’m too lazy and scared to start setting off any myself in the garden, so a ready prepared display is much easier. It was nice to spend some time with the females of my family (and Cameron) as well. I still haven’t eaten dinner though and it’s now half nine so I seriously need to get some food in my belly as I’m getting hangry! 

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