Christmas Time 

Sooooo I’ve almost finished my Christmas shopping… In October… It’s OK, you can hate me. I sort of just got carried away and went for it on my day off on Wednesday. I would have finished completely if my sister had been able to decide what she wanted in time. Apart from a minor issue with Argos, whose customer service was totally not up to scratch, this year’s shopping was not only easy, it was also done with minimal stress, barely any crowds and a lot less hassle than last year. Totally finishing my Christmas shop in October more often! 

Now I’m a mum, Christmas is mainly about the children, and I absolutely love making it as special as possible for them to keep the magic alive. This year we are heading off to Disneyland Paris in a couple of weeks, so I’ll be picking up a couple of extra little disneyfied pressies whilst we are there. I’ll also be filling up my diary in the weeks before Christmas with as much festive filled fun as possible. I especially can’t wait to visit Santa! 


I’ve always loved buying and giving gifts to others as much as I like getting presents myself. I really enjoy thinking about what I can get someone to make them smile. If I was rich all I would do is constantly spend money on other people. This year I’m determined to go that little extra mile to help make Christmas amazing for all my loved ones.  

I’m also planning a cheeky trip to Winter Wonderland with Ed at some point in December. We went last year with the kids but weren’t able to do all the fun adult things like go on rides, drink festive alcohol and eat our body weight in Christmas themed food. It’s going to be awesome! Eek, I cannot wait!! (Although I’m definitely OK with going to Disney first!) 

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